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How commercial landscaping can help your business


Open plan offices that encourage communication with employees, promote breaks with comfy seating areas, and have fully operational kitchens have been popular since the early noughties, but it seems businesses are now turning their attention to their outdoor space.

Commercial landscaping is the new business buzzword, and it’s about more than just looking pretty. Here’s how commercial landscaping can help your business.

Impacts kerb appeal

First impressions count. Whilst your business may be better than your competitors, if the exterior of your business suggests otherwise, you could be losing out. Commercial landscaping sets the tone for your businesses aesthetic and appearance. Customers are more likely to engage with a property that is well kept. Well maintained and clear pathways that are well lit, and greenery that compliments the environment all create good first impressions.

Beneficial for employees

We all know that getting outside is good for the body and the mind and having a beautiful space at work that your employees can enjoy will not only help them feel less stressed, but it will help improve their concentration at work. As a business, you have a duty of care to your employees to provide a favourable working environment. An added bonus of course, is that it will also be beneficial for your bottom line, as replacing a member of staff is a costly and time consuming affair.

Creates more space

Whilst we may not have the sunshine hours of the French Riviera, creating a welcoming commercial landscaped area for your business provides new spaces for your employees to work as well as a more relaxed space to meet clients. Benches, patios, and seating areas can be used to conduct meetings, and bistro tables create a great space for colleagues to enjoy a break together.


Commercial landscaping is a great way for your business to increase its eco-credentials. Having a dedicated commercial landscaped area can save on water usage, erosion, and the carbon footprint of your business. It can encourage wildlife like bees and butterflies, as well as demonstrating to your customers, clients, and employees that you take the environmental impact of your business seriously. Whilst exotic plants may look appealing, native species need far less intervention, and still provide a peaceful landscape.

Increase property value

A well-tended area of commercial landscaping will instantly add value to your property. It also sets a standard for the other businesses and properties around you. If your business is housed in a multi-office block speak to the management team about how all the businesses can contribute to the landscaping.

If you’re looking for commercial landscaping inspiration, companies like Marshalls have a wealth of ideas to help you find the perfect aesthetic for your commercial landscaping project. Even implementing small changes, will have a big impact on your business.