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How did Chris Pratt win Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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The crossover relationships between celebrity culture are always surprising. Some years ago, no one would have been able to connect Chris Pratt to the Schwarzeneggers. A potential of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who might have been Pratt's father-in-law, seemed even stranger.

All in all, no one predicted that Pratt would make a romantic connection and became engaged to Arnold's daughter Katherine.

According to reports, Arnold did not like the idea first. But Pratt has done a few things to win Schwarzenegger. It was more than a cautious selling point to fully engage in this somewhat controversial relationship.

Chris Pratt raised his eyebrows after the divorce of Anna Faris

After what seemed like a picture book In Hollywood, Pratt and Faris are now one and a half years away from their divorce in August 2017. After eight years of marriage, it was still considered a good run for a Hollywood couple.

In PR, however, it's not always a good career move to start a new relationship so suddenly after a divorce. Chris Pratt had some criticism from the public when he started meeting shortly after his departure from Faris.

It also does not help to announce these relationships to the world in the age of Twitter. Pratt is very active on Twitter, where he recently expressed his excitement in Katherine Schwarzenegger, who says "yes" to his marriage proposal.

The initial resistance to Pratt's relationship with Katherine Schwarzenegger

Outside the age of 10 (Pratt is 39 and Katherine is 29), there was much criticism of this new coupling from outsiders. But if you think Anna Faris is upset, think again.

According to recent reports, Pratt first called her when he proposed to suggest Schwarzenegger. Faris was very supportive of all this, including the reminder to the press that she can legally officiate weddings.

It is a good feeling to know that the divorce from Pratt-Faris was not bitter. Given that we have to report on dozens of bitter Hollywood splits, it says a lot about the character of Pratt and Faris in order to maintain good relations for their son Jack.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was initially unenthusiastic about Pratt

When Arnold Schwarzenegger initially expressed concern over the news of Pratt's dating with his daughter, Pratt knew he needed to prove his value. The contempt of Arnold was that Pratt was an actor and knew how they normally are.

Arnold did not know that Chris Pratt did not like the typical actor. He has a strong religious foundation and maintains the values ​​of the family. The first thing that had probably impressed Father Schwarzenegger was the sight of Pratt and Katherine last summer, when she went to church with Pratt's six-year-old son.

Pratt took some proactive steps to prove that he would not end up repeating what Arnold Schwarzenegger had done in his myriad relationships and affairs.

Pratt already knew Maria Shriver

Another benefit likely to resonate with Arnold was that Pratt already had Maria Shriver, Katherine & # 39 Mother, knew. Since Arnold and Maria Shriver still maintain a friendly relationship, this undoubtedly made a good impression, as this Pratt had quickly absorbed in the family.

Then Pratt asked Marriage Request directly to Shriver and Arnold. While other actors are likely to feel frightened to death and ask Arnold Schwarzenegger to marry his daughter, Pratt's courtesy and ease of getting used to the family was a great success for both sides.

As you can see from Arnold's tweet above, he also gave His blessing on marriage on social media for everyone to see.

Will this be Hollywood's dream marriage?

After decades of notorious divorces in Hollywood, we may see blissful Pratt and Schwarzenegger. Will her marriage last? Based on Pratt's foresight to have good family relationships and the strong spiritual foundations of everyone, it has a better chance.

Even if you need advice on something (or protection) that can go better than your dad. In-law, Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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