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How did Jim Parsons know it was time to leave the Big Bang theory?

If you're sad that The Big Bang Theory comes to an end, blame Sheldon Cooper. Nobel Prize or not, that's all his fault.

More specifically, the reason the show ended, even though it was still going well, was that Jim Parsons had decided he had had enough. He was not angry or tired by himself – he just looked inside himself and thought it was better to go out before he or the show really started to lose power or exhaust their reception.

As he told the Hollywood Reporter, this is the best time when you feel you have done everything you can. And judging by the recognition for the final, he was right.

Jim Parsons

  Jim Parsons
Jim Parsons | Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images for the Vulture Festival

The Big Bang Theory benefited Parsons especially from the fact that the show made him a household name. Johnny Galecki was known for Roseanne and Kaley Cuoco had 8 Simple Rules but The Big Bang Theory was the introduction of many people in Parsons. His performance as Sheldon earned six Emmy nominations and four victories. And it was his character who got the spin-off, Young Sheldon. There was no factor; There was no situation where I would have asked, "Well, I've had enough of that." No. There was nothing like it. It was just … if you know, you know. And you're vulnerable and upset by the vagaries of your own existence and you're getting to a certain age and your life is changing and suddenly you just think differently, "Parsons said.

The producers knew it well without ensemble cast members – and especially without Parsons – it was time to close the curtain for the show.

"I could not put up with the idea of ​​going on without the whole ensemble – and the whole ensemble succeeded." Chuck Lorre told The Hollywood Reporter . "When I pulled it apart and came closer to it as a fraction of what I just never felt right."

How the Big Bang Theory Died

The finale was very Sheldon-centered (spoiler if you have not seen it). Sheldon and Amy receive the message that they have won the Nobel Prize. Everyone is overjoyed until reality reaches out to everyone's favorite science couple. The ever socially inept Sheldon struggles with media attention and Amy is frustrated that Sheldon is fighting.

Tensions build up until Sheldon's behavior escalates and he begins to alienate his friends. Even after their arrival in Sweden, the friends seriously consider returning home and leaving the ceremony. After all, they can not miss Sheldon's moment, no matter how upset they are.

When Sheldon realizes the mistake of his kind, he shelves the lengthy acceptance speech he has planned, and Parsons shines as he offers Sheldon's apologies. He lets each of his friends get up, shares the moment with them, and finally says, "In my own way I love you all."

For millions of viewers, the feeling was mutual.

What's next? without & # 39; The Big Bang Theory & # 39;

The show can be made, but Sheldon will continue to live in Young Sheldon . And, in particular, TBS broadcasts The Big Bang Theory repeats, often in full-day marathons. If you're a cable cutter and do not want to buy episodes, CBS All Access is your only option, as no arrangements have yet been made to broadcast Big Bang on Netflix or Hulu.

Parsons Netflix was mentioned thinking about the legacy of the show with the Hollywood Reporter: "Look at Netflix – when we started our show, Netflix circled around the drain. And they have reinvented themselves into a mighty juggernaut.

Even though there will be no new shows, The Big Bang Theory will still be broadcast somewhere, as long as there is a TV.

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