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How do I download the personal information that Apple collects from you?

Apple released a redesigned privacy site on Wednesday to educate users on how the company handles their personal information. The website will tell you how your data is protected, who has access to it, and what iOS and Mac features you can use to protect your personal information.

Apple's new privacy website now also provides you with a copy of Apple's data. How to Get Your Copy:

How to Download Your Personal Information from Apple

1. Go to the "Managing Your Privacy" section of the Apple Privacy Website

. At the top of the Manage Your Privacy page, you will find the section "How to Manage Your Privacy." Click Manage your Apple ID .

  Apple, Privacy Apple

3. Scroll down to the "Take over your data" section. Click Visit Your Data Protection Page .

  Apple visit Privacy Policy Apple

4. You must enter your Apple ID and password.

. 5 If you have enabled two-factor authentication, you will receive a warning message that your Apple ID is being used to log in to a device. Click Allow and you will receive an access code that you must enter on the website.

. 6 On the data and privacy page that appears, look for a section called "Get a copy of your data" and click on the link Getting started

  Copy data Apple 100777023 orig Apple [19659008]. 7 The "Get a copy of your data" page lets you select the data points you want to download. Select the desired points, or click the Select All button if you want everything.

  Copy of the data list 100777024 orig Apple

8. At the bottom of the page is a section labeled "The following items may be large and take a long time to download." Select the desired items.

  long time to download Apple

9. Click Continue at the bottom of the page

10. On the next page you have to select a maximum file size. Your data is divided into the blocks you define here. Make a selection in the pop-up menu,

11. Click Full Inquiry . A message indicates that Apple is preparing your data. It can take up to seven days to receive your data. You can check the status of your request online.

  Update Data Apple

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