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How does Jordyn Woods continue to be positive in all the drama that has happened?

The last five months have been pretty hectic for Jordyn Woods.

In addition to traveling all over the world to play modeling and acting gigs, Woods faced the most life-changing event last February.

  Jordyn Woods
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Jordyn Woods | Photo by Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images for King Games

After the whole Tristan Thompson scandal and the loss of their best friend Kylie Jenner, many would have expected Jordyn Woods to go through a vortex of emotions.

Although the first few weeks after the scandal were tough for her, Woods is now looking to the brighter side of things and is doing her best to stay positive.

Jordyn Woods does not live in the past

It was probably the hardest thing Jordyn Woods ever went through in her life when you saw all of her drama with the most famous family game of television in public.

Although most are unable to cope with the stress of the drama, Jordyn Woods does her best to prevent the negativity from making the most of it.

Apart from the fact that the Kardashian family had to publicly shame and lose their best friend, many of us assumed that the model would have trouble coping with everything.

  Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods
Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods | Michael Stewart / WireImage

Instead of dealing with this dark time in her life, Jordyn Woods has some tricks when it comes to staying positive and keeping an eye on everything.

"You just have to fully live out every emotion you go through and understand that your purpose is greater than you," Woods recently said in an interview with PEOPLE . "They define who you are, nothing else. Just stay true to yourself and keep positive people around you. If you understand that life is for you and not against you, you can really stay positive. "

Although initially difficult, Jordyn Woods eventually began to look at the brighter side of things, not letting negativity slow their way to success.

Staying busy has helped her cope with all the drama.

Although Jordyn Woods has lost the people she once considered a close family to this scam scandal, the model did not need too much of it.

So far Woods has been successful in her modeling career, started her own eyelash line and even tested the waters in the drama area.

While grappling with the fraud scandal, Jordyn Woods has even assigned her own coping mechanisms to character Dee – a college freshman who struggles with emotional issues. ish .

As a result, Woods is able to broaden the discussion on access to mental health resources, especially in the black community.

"As a young adult, it was a cool way to be part of a larger conversation," she said to PEOPLE as she talked about her role in Grown-ish . "And then the episode was about mental health, which was even more important to me."

With all the changes in Jordyn Woods' life, the model of the world has shown which faults were not defined by her character and will continue to show positivity on a daily basis.

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