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How does Kate Middleton know when she can defy the Royal Protocol?

Being married to a handsome prince is the ultimate fairy tale for almost anyone. However, it is important to remember that royal life is not always easy. Members of the royal family are constantly being followed by photographers, wild rumors about their personal lives are spreading, and there is a long list of rules they must follow.

As amazing as it may sound to lead a royal life, it can be as stressful as it gets. Kate Middleton, for example, seems to have an absolutely perfect life, but she can not just wake up in the morning and do whatever she wants. Let's take a look at how the Duchess of Cambridge knows exactly when to obey the rules and when to oppose the royal protocol.

What rules does Kate Middleton have to follow?

  Kate Middleton

As the future queen, Kate is more committed to the rules than other family members, including her sister-in-law Meghan Markle Kate is always in front of the camera and needs to be perfectly photographed at all times, she has an absolutely amazing sense of style, but she has to remember that dresses should go down to the knee or longer, tights always have to be worn and no wedge heels are allowed Plus, make-up must be natural and elegant at all times, clean and without light nail polish.

It's not just about Kate Middleton's outfits.

The rules certainly do not end after Kate gets dressed for an eventWhen she's on her way, the Duchess has to sit in a manner known as the "Duchess's Tilt," legs and knees together, with her ankles crossed and slightly tilted. Kate even has to remember to keep her teacup properly, and if she takes a meal in the presence of the queen, she must stop eating when her majesty does. Kate knows that she is responsible for her behaving in a certain way, such as always bending over to Queen Elizabeth and, if necessary, wearing hats and tiaras.

Kate Middleton was a citizen

Before she attended college at the University of Saint Andrews and when Kate met Prince William, she was, like us, a simple citizen. This means that she entered the royal family to learn the rules of royal etiquette. However, it seems their efforts have been worthwhile, as we rarely see Kate so she needs to get nervous.

Does Kate Middleton ever break the record?

Even though Kate seems perfectly well positioned at all times, even a future queen just has to bend the rules just a little bit. Occasionally, the Duchess of Cambridge was seen in dresses that were a bit shorter than expected, and she broke the wedge heels more than once. Kate is also very sociable with her kids, and although the family has a nanny, she's very determined to interact with her kids whenever time permits.

How does Kate Middleton know when she can? Defy the Royal Protocol?

Kate seems to know how to do it just by not pushing it too far. It does not break the rules, it only bends them a bit sometimes. In this way, Kate knows that she has some freedom in making her own film without resisting the Queen's wishes. What a win-win situation for all.

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