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How Far Cry 5s Microtransactions Work

How Many Modern Video Games Has Far Cry 5 Microtransactions. Hate the concept? You can easily ignore them.

Note: This is part of what we expect to be a consecutive series of posts explaining how the microtransactions in main games work.

How much is this game up front?

Far Cry 5 sells for $ 60. You'll get a long open-world first-person shooter campaign and access to a multiplayer mode focused on player-generated maps.

As with most games, more game comes at a price. It has a $ 30 season pass granting players access to three single player upgrades and a pre-access to a 2012 Far Cry 3 re-version ported on June 26 for PS4 and Xbox One (19659006) What are the microtransactions?

Microtransactions in the game are tied to some weapons, vehicles and clothing. Technically, microtransactions are tied to a premium currency called silver bars, which can be issued for so-called "prestige weapons", vehicles and clothing. In all cases, the use of silver ingots is optional. All items in the game can also be purchased with play money earned only while playing. Prestige items include a car with a superhero on it and a shovel called "Optimism" that wears a happy face.

The comet can be purchased for 200 silver, which you can find in the game's safes or as part of a buy $ 5 500 silver micro-transaction. Like all prestige items in the game, you can also buy them with play money earned by playing.

The most expensive items now available for silver bars are a few outfits, a machine gun called AR-C. "Stars & Nip Stripes" and a similarly patriotic Star-Spangled pick-up truck, each costing 500 pieces. Prestige garments include things like T-shirts associated with other Ubisoft games. These shirts each have 100 silver. (Since the game is in the ego scene, you see the stuff in the campaign as good as death if you die.)

How much are they?

Silver bars are being sold in five different packs, with Ubisoft's in-game shop directing people to a 2400-bar package that costs $ 20. For a meager 500 bars, $ 5 would cost you.

Can you get everything without spending money?

Yes. At the moment there are no microtransaction-exclusive articles. Any prestige items you can buy with Silver Bars can also be purchased with fake in-game dollars earned solely by playing Far Cry 5 . For example, this optimism bucket can also be bought for $ 3,600 in the game. That's not expensive at all. After playing a third of the playing card in 12 or more hours and buying some guns with play money, I have $ 21,445 in play. Note that I've played many of the game's great prepper missions, which are small environmental puzzles that lead you to big stacks of cash in the game. You can also make dollars in the game by hunting animals and selling their skins or picking and selling plants. You can even earn a perk that doubles your loot.

Can you earn the premium currency through normal gameplay?

Yes. According to Ubisoft, in 25 safes hidden throughout the game world, there are 1,000 silver bars hidden in 40 pieces. That's about $ 10 loot. You'll have to rummage a bit to find the safes, so it's necessary to earn some of this free silver. You might want them to feel like they're getting a deal by playing the game thoroughly, which is a bit Rusty's Real Deal Baseball of them.

Do microtransactions affect gameplay?

but not in any way. Prestige outfits do not have stats, so it does not make you any more powerful to get them. Some prestige vehicles have weapons, but also many in-game vehicles that you can find through missions or just in the open world of the game. Prestige weapons, like all other weapons in the game, have statistics, but the weapons currently available in Far Cry 5 are not much better. And remember that prestige items, including weapons, can be bought fairly easily with the amount of game currency that you can get through normal play.

Far Cry 5 features a multiplayer mode map editor that supports co-op and competitive games. The weapons of the game are used in these modes, and there is a shop in this mode where you can buy prestige weapons, but all of these weapons have the same values ​​as easily unlockable non-prestige weapons. The Prestige simply have better paint shops.

Is there something sketchy?

Nothing important, but it is confusing that the game has two versions of its store, one of which seems to be able to buy prestige items with silver bars only. The version of Far Cry 5 's store that players can access from the main menu of the game (a menu that is also visible at every pause) only displays so-called prestige items, which can be bought silver bullion and only lists the silver bullion prices for these items. Instead, if you access the game shops via the in-game store owners you find in [FarceCry5 they will pay the price of a prestige object in both silver bullion and fake in-game dollars.

Far Cry Store, accessible through the game's main menu, displays only prestige items and only lists prizes in Silver Bars, the game's premium currency.
The Far Cry deal, accessible through conversations with merchants within the game, lists prestige and non-prestigious items, and includes prizes in silver bullion as well as play money earned by playing only.

Are the micro-transactions of the game outrageous?

Right now they are not. Many prestige items are Reskins or normal in-game gear. Nothing seems to be overly potent and the game is light enough with its standard difficulty level so you can play without getting more than what you would find when shopping without a game. Things could change, but Ubisoft has not yet filled the stores with fancy, much sought-after items.

At launch [19499020]the Far Cry 5 micro-transaction system does not seem to be that bad. Ubisoft has offered nothing that can only be achieved with additional payments. You have not put down any great equipment that you can not gather enough money in the game in a sensible way. Of course, the basis for Ubisoft becoming wilder. But so far, so good.

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