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How is my life?

I'm not used to telling much about a "personal story". It's a bit of a chicken egg scenario. Maybe I do not understand why someone wants to read my personal story because I've never been to Facebook? Or maybe I've never been to Facebook because I do not understand why anyone wants to know the profane details of my life?

I understand why some people use it. It's a great tool for small and local businesses to stay connected with distant family members and friends and get support when there are not enough services to live.

My restraint goes back to 2001, long before Facebook even existed. I worked in my university's computer shop, my hacker colleagues said, sharing information over the Internet was incredibly insecure and just a way to cheat you later.

Later, as Facebook grew in popularity, they believed that the platform should convert that personal information into a good and sell it to advertisers.

Some years later, along with security experts, I finally got my first real technical job at JPMorgan Chase. "No real cybersecurity experts use Facebook," several said. These guys definitely knew what they were talking about, so I stayed away from social networks.

My social media life changed slightly in 201

5 when I joined the cybersecurity practice of a consulting firm called Promontory Financial Group. So I've strengthened my use of LinkedIn to support the network in my area.

In 2017, I joined the Wall Street Journal and asked for a Twitter account. My first. I had to get someone teach me how to use it. I had to learn what a DM is and why you "retweet". (I still have many questions about this last one.)

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