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How is the Game of Thrones different from the books?

We're starting to see more TV programs adapted to books and comic books. The good news is that TV issues often go their own way to keep the audience on their toes. We have effectively achieved this with The Walking Dead over the last decade. Game of Thrones has done so on an equally compelling level, making the upcoming final all the more mysterious in its results.

What fans want to know now is how the end of George RR Martin's last two differs novels that he has yet to release. While he has charted his own end (and told GoT producers what he was up to), everyone wonders how similar they will really become after Martin has made an important revelation.

The curious remark of George RR Martin on the connection of the ends

Those of you who arrived at George RR Martins interview on 60 minutes with Anderson Cooper on April 14 will know that The author may have betrayed more than he had planned Game of Thrones . While he gave no details about the fate of the characters, he assured the fans that the finale of the TV edition would not really be different from his own scheduled graduation books.

It is clear that the last two books, which have been waiting for every eight years, wait for victory Immediately after the end of the game of HBO Game of Thrones . We probably will not see any of the last books in 2019, although some rumors about the sixth book have emerged this year.

With the news that their booker might approach the end of the HBO show, fans are curious as to whether this is just a trick to create more surprises. For overly astute fans of the show and books, they may think that Martin has revealed more than he intended.

Which characters will kill George R. R. Martin?

An enlightening thing Martin mentioned in his 60-minute interview will let you re-examine why he kills so many of his characters. He found that he does not really kill more than any other fantasy / science fiction movie / show. The reason more people are so shocked by his character death is that he has emotional experiences, not just "act breaks."

Martin says he has really assimilated the GoT characters who have gone back years, so he always hated to let you die. His comments, however, give a subtle hint as to what fans might expect in the final episode of the TV series.

There will be no death for the shock value. If we see a lot of death in the final, then that's all for a good reason. It may also be an indication that not many will die, as many believe. Since Martin practically lives and breathes these characters, he may not have the guts to kill the main players.

Or maybe he will because the murderous Red Wedding sequence was not something he wanted to write, but ultimately had to. 19659003] Will George RR Martin leave his books unfinished?

The last two books by Martin ( The Winds of Winter / A Dream of Spring ) end in HBO's [H] Game of Thrones . Some may think that when the books come out, nobody will care what keeps Martin's end for two or three years from the show.

There are even some suggestions that he may never finish. Someone else has to finish them when Martin dies in the next decade. Others think he might change his ending from what he originally intended.

Should he just leave the HBO series as the official end, considering that the show's pop culture status is way above the books?

After Martin's Commentary to Be a Slow Writer You can only work from home and may need to rely on the end of the show. Once a writer is as popular as he is, there is not enough time left to complete more writing projects. Fans may have already resigned to this reality.

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