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How Juwan Howard's Attitude Affects Michigan Basketball Recruitment

The Michigan Wolverines officially have their new basketball head coach – UM basketball alum Juwan Howard.

The Fab Five member will try to get things going again after former head coach John Beilein has announced he's leaving the university to become the Cleveland Cavaliers coach of the NBA.

One of Howard's first tasks as a new head coach is to drive recruitment. After 4-year-old striker Jalen Wilson had requested a letter of dismissal from his letter of intent following the Beilein News – and is now reportedly keeping an eye on Kansas and North Carolina ̵

1; the Wolverines stayed behind with a player in their 2019 class.

This player is Cole Bajema with 4 stars. A solid perspective, but not enough to replace Jordan Poole, Ignas Brazdeikis and Charles Matthews. Not even the top player in 2019 alone would be enough to replace these three starters from a previous season.

Howard definitely has to hit the recruiting game hard from the start, and I think it's perfectly possible for him to do that. However, I do not believe that the results will be available until 2020.

Let's be real – the 2019 class for Michigan will probably not be strong, considering how late the cycle is. With only one commit and a 50/50 shot with another – Franz Wagner – the options are low. It is unfortunate that it happened so late in the cycle, but it is what the wolverines will deal with.

Before I say my next point, let me just say that this is a HUGE shot in the dark and probably will not happen …

With this reference … 2019 is the 5-star striker Jaden McDaniel's Howard's cousin. Although he was hired by the University of Washington Tuesday night, his decision is not in ink yet. If Howard is able to talk to him and persuade him to play for his cousin, he may open his mind and glimpse Michigan in the dark, but since McDaniels has not yet signed his LOI, who knows what could happen?

As I said earlier, I think the class will be by 2020 when we start seeing real recruitment results. Zeb Jackson is still on board, which means that Howard could get to work and identify the other guys who would work in his system. What exactly his system would be, yet to be determined, but I have a hunch that it will not be the same as that of Beilein, where he takes 3-star / unwanted transfers and turns them into good college players (Duncan Robinson, Spike before injury) Albrecht, Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman, etc.)

If Howard wants to recruit senior players for him, I do not see how he could not get some of those players. Howard is a great name, a former University player and a very personable person. Hell, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James recommended Howard on Twitter before the news was even official.

Much like Penny Hardaway does for his Alma Mater Memphis, Howard could recruit at a high level and gain elite prospects for the program. It may take some time, but Howard has everything he needs to be a successful recruiter and coach for the University of Michigan.

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