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How Kanye West became a hero of the Pro Trump Internet: A step-by-step guide

Kanye West at the MTV Video Music Awards in August 201

5. (Matt Sayles / Invision / AP)

Kanye West tweeted on Saturday morning. He tweeted a lot recently. West returned to Twitter last week, announcing that he is writing a philosophical book, and also that we all have already read the book because the book was just his tweets. But a Saturday morning tweet was a bit different because West supported thoughts from a ghost that was not his own:

Anyone familiar with Candace Owens may already know why this tweet caused the Pro Trump Internet to lose its common sense. If not, let me explain: Owens, who used to treat social media as "Red Pill Black," is an African-American activist on the Pro Trump Internet. It came to YouTube about 9 months ago and now has close to 200,000 subscribers. Her biggest hits include a video that worried about the growing white supremacy following the Charlottesville protests in August, where a protester was killed.

"It's obviously the media's fault," she says during the video. It's crazy about me … that people have not figured that out yet. "The video has more than half a million views.

West's Tweet, along with some of the other tweets we're getting, has made many online people curious about whether it was "red-pilled," a term that comes from "The Matrix" and in the various corners of men's rights and the far-right internet was used to describe a transformational experience to their point of view.

It is a term that Owens himself adapted for her own world view. She has appeared on both Infowars and Fox News to argue that black people have been brainwashed by the media to vote for Democrats, and that they would vote for Republicans if they were only converted by recent converts you could be pimped red [19659008] So did Kanye West get a pimp? For the curious and confused, there is a step-by-step guide here:

Step One: The Context

Kanye West is not a brand-new figure of interest to the Pro Trump Internet.

"I said you did not vote, did you?" West said during a performance in San Jose in mid-November 2016, "but if I had voted, I would have voted for Trump."

According to Politico, West said also about Trump's style: "This method of communication has proven that it can surpass a politically correct way of communicating."

During the monologue, West Blacks also said they should "stop focusing on racism," Owensesque said.

West and Trump met in the Trump Tower a month later.

The then-elected President Donald Trump and musician Kanye West pose for media at the Trump Tower in Manhattan. (Andrew Kelly / Reuters)

Trump said they have been friends for a long time. For example, at a 2015 West political rally, Trump said, "He loves Trump, he goes around saying that Trump is my hero of all time, he's telling everyone."

West, for his part, explained the reasons for visiting this one Series of Tweets Deleted Now. They met "to discuss multicultural issues," he wrote, and the two talked about "bullying, teacher support, curriculum modernization, and violence in Chicago."

"I think it's important to have direct communication with our future president if we really want change," he added.

The meeting took place after weeks of the West sunk, after the early cancellation of his tour and some time in the hospital.

Step 2: The Expectation [19659021] West said more than a week ago that he would write a philosophical book – and said that it's called "Break the Simulation".

Mike Cernovich, a popular figure in the Pro Trump Internet who has recently tweeted many about Consciousness and "Energy, " then began telling his fans that Kanye's new philosophical book / Twitter thought was something to watch out for.

"Kanye could bring the race together" Cernovich tweeted last Wednesday. In another tweet he said "Kanye pretended who he was not – to show you who he really is, that's what he means when he leaves the simulation." On Friday night, Cernovich answered a question by a fan of that "Kanye" is the most positive thing the world could look forward to in 2018. [19659024Einederpro-TrumpInternetverbindlichenIdeenistdasGefühldassdieWeltamRandeeinerMassenkonversionvomLiberalismusstehtundsieglaubenoftdasseineMainstream-FigureinFürsprecherfürihreWeltanschauungwerdenkönnteImletztenSommerzumBeispielschienAlexJonesvonInfowarszuglaubendassPewDiePieeinYouTubermitmehrals50MillionenFollowern"rotgepumpt"wurdeErmachtePewDiePiesAufmerksamkeitaggressivnachdemderYouTuberihmaufTwitterfolgte

Step 3: The tweet

was the thing that pushed Kanye from a potential Messiah #MAGA Neo Pro-Trump Internet, his Tweet in which he praised Owens , How did he learn about her? Not sure. She had a very viral tweet the night before West tweeted about her:

In this video, which has been retweeted more than 24,000 times, Owens says, "What's happening right now in the black community … there is an ideological civil war: black people who focus on their past and scream about slavery, and black people who focus on their future, okay, that's what matters. "[19659029] Step 4: The Celebration

West's tweet was having a celebration from the Pro Trump Internet, including one of its current best known celebrities :

Owens himself appeared on Fox and Friends the next day to explain to a wider audience what had just happened on Twitter and why Conservatives should celebrate it.

Step 5: The Backlash

There was also a wave of anger and disappointment. "For men and women like these, there is always and always will be a marketplace that says what white-bigot whites like to hear, they'll always have a seat at a table," Tweeted Shaun King, a progressive activist .

The worst was maybe comedian Tom Arnold. He tweeted at Owens, " Good luck glimmering on @ kanyewest His family already told him that you were a cheat and cheater – a former Democratic bad actress who makes video bits to somehow get on TV, she can enjoy it now, you're so fake that even your white power fans will bore you. "In another, rather vulgar, tweet that has since been deleted, Arnold compared Owens & # 39; Appeals to the Conservative to a sexual act.

#MAGA Twitter responded by basically saying that it was Arnold who was a genuine racist .

Step 6: The Dilbert

Monday's speculation about West's potential entry ticket aboard the Trump Train had calmed down a bit. That is, until he tweets several videos by Dilbert creator and pro-Trump internet celebrity Scott Adams.

Kanye's tweets seem to be videos from a handheld camera, focused on Kanye's laptop when he saw a new periscope by Scott Adams in which he discussed … the meaning of Kanye's tweets.

"It feels like something big is going to happen," says Adams in a clip of West's periscope. "People are breaking out of their mental prisons, people are realizing that there were things that held us back, that used to limit what we could do … that many of them were psychological."

In another, tweeted with to the approving praise-emoji: "Those two people. In seven words, Kanye should not change that," Adams said, pointing to a handwritten flowchart showing West and Candace Owen's name. "He has just released a lot of people from a psychiatric prison."

After the video tweets, West added:

The Post asked West for an opinion on whether he was actually "red-pillaged". "Whether he has it – or if West just hears praise from himself, wherever it comes from – his approving tweets amplify the voices of some of Trump's biggest personalities in front of a huge audience." West has 15 million Twitter followers, and his Scott Adams videos have hundreds of millions of views in a matter of hours.

Red-pillaged or not, the pro-Trump Internet seems ready and willing to embrace him: [19659051] @kanewest I admire your brave steps against the Thought Police, and if you want to see these control freak vampires go crazy, come to me! 1945

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