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How Kawhi Peak Raptors orchestrates at the expense of the bucks

MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee Bucks have been shadowing Kawhi Leonard for days, taking the biggest, strongest and most determined right-hand man in basketball. But with his Toronto Raptors, who finished a bucket within nine minutes in the final of the Eastern Conference, which was played 2-2 on Thursday, Leonard took a big step towards his defender Khris Middleton and stabbed his with the color right.

Leonard was low on the ground – more a lunge than a car ride – and when his tired legs almost lost his balance against a collapsing Milwaukee defense, he threw a pass to the left corner where Raptor's reserve guard Fred VanVleet was waiting unguarded.

That VanVleet was widely available was both true and no guarantee of success. Although the Raptors were a slick shooter in the second half of the regular season (front-runner in the NBA after acquiring Marc Gasol), they have struggled to achieve flawless looks in many playoffs ̵

1; and none other than VanVleet. In front of Toronto's home win in Game 4, VanVleet had left 30 of his previous 35 attempts. After VanVleet restored his confidence on Tuesday with 13 points, he left the open view – one of his seven threes in the night – behind to give the Raptors in the second half the first lead. Over the next 60 seconds, Leonard would receive two more high screens, each of which would pull Bucks Center Brook Lopez on the counter. Both actions resulted in deliberate but unpleasant 3-point jumpbacks from Leonard over Lopez.

In the largest quarter of the Raptors franchise history, the thaw of a long, cold spring had finally arrived – and Leonard was the source of heat to turn thick ice into a steady stream. The Raptors would ride Leonard – who scored or assisted 62 points in his career – to a performance of 35 points, 9 assistants and 7 rebounds to defeat Milwaukee 105-99 and take a 3-2 lead. 19659006] Most undisputed 3s in a game (last five postseason)

Player 3s made Round
Stephen Curry 7 2019 West Finale
Fred VanVleet [19659011013[19659010[1] Finalist East 2019
Klay Thompson 6 Final West 2018
Kevin Love 6 Finale East 2017
Stephen Curry 6 [20159011Finale

"They Two or three corpses were sent to him, tipping the floor and making sure the guys were loaded on him, "said Raptor's Guard Kyle Lowry on Leonard. "He made the right passes and we made some shots for him tonight and then, in the third quarter, he just has – he played all the playoffs – he's for Iso and Get-to-Your-Spot decided, and it was pretty The game he played tonight – 35, 9 and 7 – was a pretty good game, it's a pretty good game on the big stage and on the road superstar superstar. "[19659002Lowry'sassessmentof"prettygood"wassaidfortheunderstatedeffectandthesamecanbesaidfortheRaptors'half-courtdefenseForthethirdgameinarowthehigh-octaneMilwaukeeoffensehasyieldedtinyresultsbutonThursdaynightthebucksonlyscored831pointsper100possessionsinthehalf-court

In many ways, the Raptors beat the bucks with the kind of brawler that collapses quickly / quickly recovers the defense was Milwaukee's business card With Leonard taking the lead, Toronto Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo explains with multiple bodies, help from all directions – weak side, baseline, girth.

Pts off sales Raptors Bucks
Game 1 15 20
Game 2 8 19
Game 3 21 [19659010] 16
Game 4 17 5 Game 5 19 7

Following the principles asked for the fluid rotation, Lowry said to ESPN: "Play hard, send body, then It's not science, it understands the rotations, who walks, where they go, who knows who helps and comes out, it's difficult, but in this situation, you have to do it. "

In Game 4, we saw the collective Intelligence of Torontos core on the offensive side with clever ball movement, intoxicating misdirection and timely pass. In Game 5, this high IQ was a masterful execution of the defensive plan.

For 48 minutes, each Raptor on the ground moved resolutely to fill in gaps. In the last 20 minutes of the action, the Bucks scored just three undisputed shots in half-space – an antyokopo's alley-oop strike and a pair of pull-up jumpers by Eric Bledsoe (19459021). The first is unstoppable, the other two bearable.

"The rotation is coming from everywhere," said Lowry. "We talk and communicate – & # 39; go, go, go & # 39; Marc will say," K-low, you go. "Kawhi, Danny, Freddie Everyone talks, you hear the communication, you hear that Professionalism, you hear all who understand what the next step is, who goes where, who takes responsibility. "

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This is wholly intended. Through a series of trades last year, the Raptors have filled their squad with two former defensive players of the year in Leonard and Gasol. three more All-NBA Defensive Team winners in Lowry, Danny Green and Serge Ibaka; a young spider-stopper in Pascal Siakam; a bulldog in VanVleet; with Norman Powell no problem for a grand piano of its size. There is no weak defensive member on the list, nobody to whom you can not entrust an auxiliary decision.

Officiously, the Raptors demanded just enough punishment against Milwaukee's adjustments. For example, in possession reminiscent of VanVleet's big corner 3, Leonard hit hard on the color and then delivered a timely kickout, five minutes from the end, for an open 3-pointer to Gasol. Petrol spent much of the night under the supervision of Antetokounmpo, who took the opportunity to volunteer, but had to pay for a huge shot in a tight affair.

"Every game is different," said Gasoline. Every game has its own way, you have to be prepared for anything that gets thrown at you, and tonight they obviously changed the way they played defensively, and we have to go downhill play." and continue to be aggressive and attack the paint.

Earlier in the postseason, Lowry said the Raptors could have a basketball joke with every team in the NBA, and their cerebral play on Thursday leaves them only a home win away from their first-ever NBA final.

Returning to Toronto for the sixth game on Saturday, the focus has shifted to the size of last year's events, Leonard did not want to land in Toronto for the 2018/19 season, and he has made no pledge that he will stay there long term The Raptors organization was playing a calculated game: they set their sights on hoping that they could outlast the rest of the Eastern Conference if they could help Leonard maintain his health and fill him with a cast of competent, competitive and smart teammates

In the NBA, winning is the most powerful instrument of persuasion.

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