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How Liverpool Premier League title contender was kicked without a ball bleacher report

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    Julian Finney / Getty Images

    It's been almost two months since Liverpool lost 3-1 to Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League final

    In a devastating night in Kiev, Ukraine, Mohamed Salah was replaced injured, Gareth Bale scored one of the goals of his life, and Loris Karius, after two terrible mistakes, set out to devour him.

    But the defeat has not dampened the enthusiasm and ambition of a club determined to finally land a Premier League title.

    Before this European final, we saw " Inside Liverpool's master plan to win the next season's Premier League ." And after a summer of reflection, it's time to reconsider the situation.

    We have returned to the same knowledgeable voices and trusted sources to find out how far the club has come in the days since the disappointing loss of Madrid] And with all the work that went off the field, that's general Feeling that Liverpool is about to produce something special.

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    OLI SCARFF / Getty Images

    Naby Keita is now active In the preseason, the team has followed in the footsteps of Nabil Fekir, while the announced Nabil Fekir deal is not going according to plan Jürgen Klopp has signed midfielder Fabinho, striker Xherdan Shaqiri and goalkeeper Alisson Becker. It's a trio of transfers that even the most optimistic Liverpool fan did not dare two months ago.

    Paul Gorst of Liverpool Echo told us in the first article how Liverpool "undoubtedly needs a bigger team," and he wondered how the FIFA World Cup and the premature closure of the transfer window could affect their plans.

    It is fair to say that all fears have been appeased.

    "There is no doubt that the team is much stronger for the upcoming season," said Gorst B / R. "The new signings of Fabinho and Keita have given the Red a new dynamic in midfield and Fabinho is the defensive-minded destroyer Many have longed for it, while Keita is one of the most anticipated arrivals, and Shaqiri is urgently needed. " Depth in wide areas. "

    " Alisson was extensively persecuted last season, "he continued," Liverpool was told that the fee was around 90 million earlier in the year and it's run down. The initial crowd is probably a bit too much for a goalkeeper, but it is a blatant weakness that has been resolved aggressively. Klopp's success in the market was good, so fans should trust him.

    "There is a serious suggestion that this will lead to a real title bias and Liverpool is currently the best team to challenge Manchester City."

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    PAUL ELLIS / Getty Images

    One The biggest problem in the Champions League final was the fact that Liverpool could not keep up. Salah's absence forced him to miss.

    Adam Lallana was forced to play a large part of the game, even though he was injured for much of the campaign due to injury. The Reds Should Have More Options Next Season

    Liverpool fan Ben Webb emphasized the theme before the final and said, "It was often our demise to leave the hard-to-beat Premier League trophy behind, but weak reserve options. "

    How is he? Feel now?

    "I think the arrival of Keita, Shaqiri and Fabinho has dramatically changed the look of our bank – and all three have the potential to change games in their own way," Webb told B / R

    " Keita and Fabinho will probably start, so only one would leave One single place in our midfield – the bench with Gini Wijnaldum, Jordan Henderson, James Milner, Lallana, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (when he's fit).

    "Shaqiri is a low-key signer, but I think she could prove to be a very smart business. It's perfectly placed to play against low-stakes teams. "

    One of Liverpool's biggest problems last season was the I could not see any games they should have won, a club insider explained, as one of the most fundamental factors which needs to change, the consistency is to produce results.

    "It has to become a better feature of the team, and the boss also wants them to control games more often," source B / R said. "There was some concerns about their dynamics for big wins, and that can not be the case when they challenge City for the title. "

    With people like Fabinho, Keita, and Shaqiri now aboard, and Alissons presence less fearful, the goalkeeper could cost them at the other end, the consistency could be easier to find.

    This is Anfield's Joanna Durkan said, "I think the biggest difference this season is the ability to score teams turn. Liverpool I deducted 14 points from winning positions last season, but I believe our summer business will be the key to our premature mistakes. "

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    DESMAZES PHILIPPE / 19659003] Philippe Coutinho was sold to Barcelona in January, and the only weakness that can be seen at the moment is that Liverpool has still not replaced him.

    Perhaps the signing by Fekir would serve as a substitute, but the sources told B / R that the Reds were back Speak to Lyon Club president Jean-Michel Aulas plays hard on a way to reform the deal recently and had to go back. [19659004] "I do not think Klopp will push for the market if the player he wants is not available," Durkan said. "Fekir is expected to be this man, but I expect him to be willing to wait his time and experiment with some of our existing players if a deal can not be revived."

    On the positive side, Salah has signed a new contract. This means that his output is not a concern when Madrid is looking for a new Galactico, and Sadio Mane is likely to follow soon by announcing a longer stay.

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    Nathan Stirk / Getty Images [19659003] "We're leaving." That's what Liverpool must think as they approach this new season. It was a long wait, but on paper at least does not seem to be cheap.

    In May we saw Klopp go to the next page in evolution from this page, and if his plan continued to take shape this could be her time. He was sent to the hard yards with his recruiting team this summer.

    "With quality signatures on the bench and our bullish trend showing no signs of stagnation, the question must be, why can not we fight for the title?" Said Durkan. "The feeling is now that the missing pieces of the puzzle have been found and put in their right place and that we are well equipped to challenge City at the top."

    Liverpool Fan Webb sums up the atmosphere perfectly: [19659004"WelastlastedtheChampionsLeaguefinalandinthetransferwindowwekeptupourambitionandintentiontocontinuetheuptrendFeellikeno(other)wrongdawningcanuniteandactuallyact

    " There were a few reservations with goalkeeper, but the arrival of Alisson Becker soon cleared that up.

    "I do not want to be unoriginal and say this is our year, but it will definitely be our year."

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