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How Long Can You Expect Your HP Inkjet Cartridge to Last If It Is Not Opened?


HP actively encourage consumers like us to stockpile ink ready to use whenever we next run out. The average customer doesn’t tend to check the use-by date on their ink and this leads us to question whether it is wise to have spare cartridges laying around and if these cartridges will last for long if stored unopened?

The Lifespan of an Ink Cartridge

Did you know that the protective packaging your ink comes in has a shelf life of 18 months? When the 18 months is up you are advised to replace the cartridge for a new one so that you can avoid damaging the component parts of your machine!

The reason for the shelf life is that the packaging materials are expected to perform their job well for the 1

8 months. After this time is up the packaging is more susceptible to absorbing water and this, in turn, clogs the cartridge that will eventually damage your machine.

One way to extend the shelf life of your cartridge is to keep it well away from direct sunlight and heat so that evaporation is slowed down but even this doesn’t extend it by much.

How Do You Know When Ink Expires?

It’s very easy to advise a consumer to bin a cartridge when it expires but in reality, most ink cartridges do not have an expiry date and so you need to employ some detective work if you want to know how long your cartridge will last.

Check when the warranty will expire as this is the time that most ink cartridge companies will say a cartridge has expired. You also need to do some online research as many companies will say their cartridges will last for 18 or 24 months after the warranty end date. Ultimately, companies like HP will go with the warranty end date to play it safe.

How to Avoid Owning Expired Ink Cartridges

Many ink specialist providers will sell you suitable cartridges but if you want to use the most reliable service and ensure that your ink is as fresh as possible then it may be worth considering an ink refill service. For example, say you need to refill hp 63xl ink cartridges and you need the ink quickly, you can go online and visit one of the many ink refill services out there. You pick the one that you like the look of best, Smart Ink for example, and place your ink refill order. You then just need to wait for it to arrive.

Companies like Smart Ink are great because they tend to be open 24/7, 365 days a year and because they specialise in ink only, you know they will give you the best service possible, as they need your repeat custom.

In short, rather than stockpiling cartridges that may expire before you even install them, try out a refill service instead. It’s so quick and simple to use you won’t go back to cartridge suppliers again!