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How long will it take for Khloe Kardashian to get through Tristan Thompson completely?

Meanwhile, we are sure that everyone has heard of the fraud scandal of Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods. This scandal has not only dissolved a family, but also seriously burdened the friendship of Kylie and Jordyn.

Although Tristan was barely caught cheating for the first time, he decided to do it with someone who was a close family friend, taking his usual acts of betrayal to a whole new level.

Although Khloe probably wishes she could go the rest of her life without ever seeing Tristan again, this will probably not be possible because they have a daughter in common.

So, how long will it take for Khloe to have a heartbreak to heal, and will it take longer to get over him because she has to see him regularly? Although there is no way to answer this question with 1

00% accuracy, we can look at their current interactions to get a good idea of ​​when Khloe can get over Tristan.

Khloe Still Feeling Uneasy Near Tristan

On April 14, Khloe's daughter True celebrated her first birthday. The 34-year-old Keeping up with the Kardashians Star went off for this special occasion. The venue was decorated with huge, pastel-colored balloons. At the entrance was a fog machine that made the guest seem like clouds, and the cake was decorated with a simple white icing and colorful butterflies.

All friends and family members of Khloe came to Trues birthday party. One person, many of whom were surprised that she was a guest, was the father of True, Tristan Thompson. Although True and Tristan were able to spend some good time together at the party, there were still some uncomfortable moments that other partygoers always witnessed when Tristan and Khloe were seen together looking like Tristan tried, True from Khloe's arms so he could hold her for a while. Instead of causing a scene and telling Tristan to go away, you see Khloe ignoring him and then completely turning away from him while still holding on to True and talking to a little girl about the taste of the cake.

A source at the party said Hollywood Life that Khloe really does not want to be near Tristan, but she tries to be civilian for his daughter. "There are still so many raw feelings that come to Khloe's mind that if Khloe were at a regular party and True was not there, Khloe would have wanted to get out even faster," the source revealed. "But since everything was true, it made it a bit easier."

How long does it take for Khloe to completely overcome Tristan?

When Khloe loves someone, she loves him with everything she has. This makes it extremely difficult for them to overcome a separation. However, if her previous relationships are an indication, it seems as if she will finally overcome Tristan as soon as she meets a new man.

One of her longest relationships was with ex-husband Lamar Odom. The two had only married for about a month before marrying in 2009. Due to his reckless behavior and the problems with drug abuse, Khloe applied for divorce in 2013. Her divorce was only completed in 2016.

During these three years, Khloe had met two other men: hip-hop artist French Montana and basketball star James Harden. Both relationships ended in 2016 before her divorce. Shortly after she was officially divorced, she met Tristan Thompson. For Khloe, finding a new love seems the only way to overcome an old love.

Now that she has a daughter to look after, she'll probably take the time to find a new romance. A look at her Instagram stories shows that her daughter, family and close friends help her stay healthy during this difficult time.

Since she has so many wonderful people in her life who raise her spirits and make her feel loved, she may not have to find a new romance to overcome Tristan.

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