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How Mahershala Ali got the role

Even if you did not attend Comic-Con this year, you could almost hear the cheers all over the map when Marvel's Kevin Feige surprised the fans with nearly a dozen treats. Everyone became furious when Mahershala Ali stepped onto the stage and put a baseball cap on his head. Why?

blade comes back! The semi-human vampire hunter will be revived as part of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Oscar winner Ali will wear these iconic shades. A brand new Blade movie will be in the cinemas and people can not wait. Mahershala Ali ” class=”wp-image-1189675″/>

Mahershala Ali | Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for Disney

Ali has chosen the role himself

Mahershala Ali has been in the drama long enough to solidify himself as someone who can vacillate between rudeness, seriousness or tenderness. Ali played Remy Danton in House of Cards (19459004), Juan in Moonlight (19459005) and Cottonmouth in Luke Cage (19459005). He has recently gained lead roles in the films Green Book (for which he won one of his Academy Awards), and he is no stranger to the MCU. This lets many believe that he fits well with Blade's character.

Since the announcement of Blade Feige has been busy talking to the media about all that is wonder, and Lazy Tomatoes caught up with him because they occupied Ali:

It was Alis Idea. Feige told The Hollywood Reporter that the actor contacted Green Book sometime after winning the Oscar to arrange a meeting. He added, "When Mahershala calls, answer," and Ali said he wanted to board Blade .

Blade's story. The actor virtually immortalized the character in three Blade films, pioneering them to bring Marvel's heroes to the screen. The first Blade film appeared in 1998, followed by two sequels: 2002 Blade II and 2004 Blade: Trinity . The fans are largely thrilled that Ali is taking the baton, but many are calling for a snipes cameo in the new streak. So far, he has kept silent about the news on social media.

Do not forget that the Daywalker was incorporated into the Marvel Comic Canon in the early 1970s. According to Marvel, Blade shot his own series in the early '90s, just a few years before the first movie was released. Since then, his stories have appeared on the pages of various Marvel editions, and he has even come to work with the Avengers.

When Blade was hot, there was no MCU, and despite the fan love and interest in restarting the hero, the franchise was basically dried up. With Ali on board, we wonder if old movie stories will be revisited or if writers will dig deep into the cartoon archives to get a new Blade stamp on the way.

When the lights on the Marvel SDCC control panel were dimmed to show a digital signal
Banner for Blade everyone was crazy. Similar to the announcement about
X-Men, for the movie Blade no fixed release date has been specified. That's okay,
Because fans want Marvel Studios to take the time to find great writers
and a great director who directs the film. In the meantime we can create all wishlist
Outline who we would like to participate in this project. Let's hope they do not do it
try to run uphill.

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