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How many pairs of & # 39; 90 Day Fiance & # 39; are still together?

In six seasons, viewers watched dozens of hopeful couples navigating the 90-day fiancé of the K-1 visa process through the rocky waters. The show sheds light on couples in love, one from the US and one from a foreign country, who have 90 days to marry before their migrant partner's visa expires. The couples have never met in person before, so, as you might expect, drama exists to find out if they really should be together.

Despite the challenges that these couples face, from immigration issues to cultural issues, many can sustain it. Of 32 couples shown on the show since 2014, the vast majority are still together.

At least 20 couples are still together

  90 Day Fiancé Jorge and Anifsa at 90 Day Fiancé | TLC

At least 20 of the couples presented at 90 Day Fiancé are still married, according to E's summary. News. This does not include the status of the six pairs featured in Season 6. While some of this season's relationships seem rather rocky – especially Larissa and Colt, who are said to have divorced – others seem to be strong, probably Ashley and Jay, who have had a formal wedding.

The couples who did not meet It did not make it

While the majority of [19909003] 90-day fiancee holds together, it does not always work. Season 2 Chelsea and Yamir divorced in 2017. However, they insist that there was no drama and that they are still friends.

"I do not have to explain to the world what happened or about problems between us. I do not have to repeat it, "Yamir wrote on Instagram last year. "You can always count on me for the rest of your life. Thank you for giving me a new family (one that I will cherish forever) for giving me your precious time, love and strength.

Yamir and Chelsea's friendly separation was a long way from separating a second season couple. Danielle and Mohamed got married after meeting online, but shortly after their marriage he left her for another woman. She was so annoyed at his betrayal that she wanted to deport him. But now everyone seems to go on. Due to her Instagram training, Danielle goes to the nursing school and hangs out with her new grandchild, while Mohamed seems to live the happy single life in Austin.

These two couples were not the only couples of the second season to have a hard time. Recently, Jason and Cassia announced that they divorced. The couple had filed for divorce for a second time, although Cassia still lives with her ex. Jasons says that he is hopeful that he will find love in the future, but he will not look abroad for his new treasure.

Molly and Luis from the fifth season have also ended it. He married only five months after the divorce. Season 4 Chantel and Pedro could also stand on the rocks. A vague message on Instagram (which has since been deleted) seemed to indicate that things were not going well. "Sometimes it's hardest to be a good catch, if you accept that not all hands are strong enough to hold you," she wrote. We just have to wait for the next season of to find out what's happening to the couple.

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