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How Nancy Pelosi signaled the end of Trump's easy journey | US news

Nancy Pelosi sat at the end of a sofa in the Oval Office as the balance of power in Donald Trump's Washington shifted decisively in her favor.


The event in early December kicked off with a simple photo session with Trump ̵

1; the first attempt at a dialogue between the parties that took place after the elections between the elections and the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives.

The President was in dominant form demanding calls for financing his deadlocked border and considering the closure of the government if no budget was passed that earned him $ 5 billion for his unfulfilled promise.

"I think the American people recognize that we need to keep the government open, that stagnation is not worth it," Pelosi said when Trump nodded. "And that we should not have a trump shutdown."

The President looked up and said, "What? Did you say a trump? "

After two years, surrounded by loyalists and sycophants, Trump got his first taste of what life will look like when Pelosi controls half of the congress. And as the cameras rolled, he quickly lost his coolness and declared he was "proud to close the government," caught on live television by his temper and the pincer movement of Pelosi and Supreme Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer.

Trump in extraordinary clash with Pelosi and Schumer – video highlights

Pelosi left the White House with sunglasses and a red coat beaming triumphantly from the White House and returned to Capitol Hill to joke about Trump's masculinity and utter the memorable description: " It's about to show you: You come with a skunk in a tickle contest, you tingle all over.

The confrontation showed that Pelosi trumps Trump. It was also a turning point for them after an election season when some Democrats turned them down and they into races where the Republicans spent millions of dollars to turn them into a hate-motivated figure who wanted their voters to get going.

There were more than 135,000 ads in the Wall Street Journal during the halftime when they attacked Pelosi by name, and some Democratic candidates voted to elect that they would not be elected as spokespersons if they won.

Wendy Schiller, Brown Political Science Chair The university described the attack strategy as a "waste of money." The Republicans falsely believed that voter hostility to strong women was interchangeable, and they tried to get voters who did not like Hillary Clinton to see Nancy Pelosi in the same way, and then turned that aversion on their local candidate Transferred to the Democratic Congress Party.

Far too many connections for most voters, and many women were angry. It's as if the GOP did not live in the same #Metoo moment as the rest of us.

  Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer leave the West Wing after meeting Donald Trump on December 11th.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer leave the West Wing after meeting Donald Trump on December 11th. Photo: Andrew Harnik / AP

Pelosi raised $ 135 million for the Democratic campaign, but when she returned to Washington to celebrate a heavy victory, some in her own party said it was time to move away from her leadership.

There was no challenger, but "Never Nancy" letter received rebellious signatures and hoped to pressurize the hammer as Speaker of the House.

The moment she owned Trump in the Oval Office "She ended all that she could prove to be putting pressure on him – and in view of the election of 2020 in view of his weakening him for the one who appears as a Democratic presidential candidate.

For support for her spokesperson's offer, she agreed to serve no more than four years, but it was not a big concession, assuming she was 82 years old and probably ready to retire.

The 78-year-old will face the face of a democratic opposition to Trump in Congress on Thursday. [19659004] Nearly 12 years a day since she's crazy As the first female spokeswoman, Pelosi will return and the Spie Calling on Trump and handing over bills on democratic priorities from arms control to reform of voter suppression laws.

Of course, these bills will not permeate the Republican held up the Senate, but the strategy will help Democrats define Trump and the Republicans.

Cindy Simon Rosenthal, author of spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi and New American Politics released in 2007 when the California Congressman first said the House Hammer: "It can not lead to legislation all the way but the Democrats would go into the election cycle 2020 with strong campaigning issues in which they would portray the Republicans as a party to the dealings, voter suppression and unbridled campaign ethics violations, a narrative that will benefit the Democrats. "

Pelosi is likely to disappoint people hoping to impeach Trump. Instead, it will focus on research by democratically led committees in plenary to keep the Trump government in line.

Political issues such as family separation at the border, environmental repossession and Presidential treatment of the President After the deadly hurricanes, there are numerous scandals surrounding Trump's business conflicts, the influence of the elections in Russia and the possible obstruction of the President's justice investigated.

Rosenthal added, "She will have enough problems to work together with the Progressives.

Does the new generation of progressive Democrats have a point? Is she too pragmatic to pursue her radical agenda – and too ambitious for Republican rage?

It is true that she is a machinist – grew up in the deal-making policy of Baltimore, where her Italian- The American Father was in the 1940s and 50s as a Congressman and then mayor in office.

  Nancy Pelosi was educated in Baltimore business policy.

Nancy Pelosi was educated in Baltimore business policy. Photo: J Scott Applewhite / AP

But their deal-making and strategy delivered the votes for Barack Obama's Affordable Healthcare Act in 2010 as the White House swayed and prepared to water down the reforms.

She is not a great public speaker, and often misspeaks, unforgettable accusations of lack of transparency over Obamacare trigger: "We have to say goodbye to the bill, so you can find out what's in it."

Perhaps it is somewhere in the middle of the two caricature characterizations: on the one hand, the progressive left ready to reject it as a symbol of the status quo; on the other hand, Republicans said they called them extremist liberal radical feminists.

Charlie Cook, editor of the Cook Political Report, said it was the best and most pragmatic election for Democrats. "In hindsight, it seems quite obvious to keep Pelosi, but even though the desire for a new and younger person was great, someone with less political skills than them would not have survived this challenge."

What does Trump expect? "She is as hard as he thinks ," said Cook. "He could not have a stubborn opponent, the combination of Pelosi and Schumer is hard to beat. They have seen everything and are both hellishly smart.

The White House meeting with Trump was "a sign of the future," Rosenthal said.

"There was a lot in this episode that was very familiar to women in the corporate world, to women in politics – Where she persuades, minimized and underestimated by men and openly treated as not equal. What she proved is that she is a woman who knows all these tricks and will not be defeated. You know, the President has his hands full. "

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