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How Pebble Smartwatches Get a Second Life

The crowdfunded Pebble smartwatch officially died in June last year, but a group of dedicated Pebble fans gives Pebbles a second life Kickstarter in 2012 because it looked like it had the potential to become the first good smartwatch be. Part of the appeal was that it seemed ahead of its time – it could show things like notifications and help you control your phone's music, which would become a table for other company's smartwatches in the years to come.

But when the Apple Watch hit the market in 201

5, the game was over for Pebble. The company was acquired by Fitbit in late 2016, and Fitbit announced that it would close the Pebble web services such as app store, dictation, weather and more.

iFixit's story reports as the "Rebble Alliance" A group of dedicated pebble fans, developers and former staff members have teamed up to document and save as much as possible about Pebble so they can rebuild what else would be lost.

As the story goes, the Rebble Alliance was incredibly successful. Among other things, it has been highlighted in the story that there is now a GitHub that has an incredible amount of technical information about the pebble, web services (some with paid subscribers!), Which replaces much of what Fitbit shut down, and even aspirations preserved after cancellation. Development of the Pebble firmware to one day create custom, Pebble-style smartwatches.

It's a great story – and you should read it on iFixit.

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