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How Policemen Ripped Up The "Crew" Suspected Of Shot David Ortiz

The great Red Sox man David Ortiz fell victim to a botched assassination run by a crew of assassins who paid about $ 8,000 for the firearm. Dominican Republic police announced Wednesday that it is now.

6 people, including the accused gunman, while attempting to kill at a bar in Santo Domingo, were arrested.

"At this moment, [the suspects] interrogations are being conducted, and we will continue to deepen the investigation to find out the truth about what happened." Attorney General Jean Alain Rodríguez announced.

"No one involved in this pitiful episode will go unpunished, not even the material or intellectual author [of the crime]."

The authorities said Rolfi Ferreira Cruz ̵

1; also 25 years old known as "Sandy" – known as the trigger, who stabbed the multi-year All-Star in the back, the ball pierced Ortiz's organs and leaked through his stomach before she met the buddy of the bat in the leg. [1965900] 2] Forty-three-year-old Ortiz, known to baseball fans as the "Big Papi," survived the hit, was operated in the Dominican Republic, and later flown from the Red Sox to Boston to be treated by Massachusetts General.

Dominican National Police director Ney Aldrin Bautista Almonte said one of the other men in detention was the alleged ringleader who was paid for ordering the hit, but did not explain why anyone wanted the retired star dead.

"We do not have a motive yet. But we will work without a break until the investigation is completed, "said Almonte.

The attackers were offered 400,000 Dominican pesos to kill the baseball legend – or about $ 7,832, he said.

Law enforcement officials say The Post, which hired a killer for a celebrity like Ortiz, could cost as much as $ 100,000 in the Big Apple – but $ 8,000 in the poor Caribbean nation goes much further.

Also in custody are Joel Rodríguez de la Cruz – nicknamed "Cuttlefish" after the character "SpongeBob" – Porfirio Ayendi Dechamps Vásquez, Eddy Vladimir Feliz García, Reynaldo Rodríguez Valenzuela and Oliver Moisés Mirabal Acosta, the authorities said. [19659002] At the press conference, Almonte waved the gun allegedly used in the attack Ferreira Cruz – saw how the shooter roared on the back of a motorcycle and Ortiz raided in the bar.

The police said the weapon – a 9-mm Browning Hi-Power – passed on to Mirabel Acosta and then to Dechamps Vásquez, who buried the gun under his house.

  Almonte shows the gun allegedly used in Ortiz's shooting.
Almonte shows the gun that was allegedly used in the shootings on Ortiz. EPA

On the night of the Mirabal Acosta, a silver Hyundai is said to have driven his wife while Dechamps Vásquez had taken the helm of another Hyundai alongside a woman identified only as a "Venezuelan."

In court records, Pro Before filming, Feliz García was seen in surveillance cameras on a street near the dial bar and the lounge in two cars.

"In one of the videos both the defendant and the shooter could be observed. Plan the commission of the incident directly in the street Octavio Mejía Ricard, which is parallel to the place of the event.

Witnesses report that Feliz Garcia set out on a motorcycle with another man – and a moment later, according to The Boston Globe, a man was seen coming down from a bike in the club as he went to Ortiz and opened the fire. The shooter tried to get back on his bike, but ran away when an angry crowd surrounded him. Feliz García "accelerated, lost control of the motorcycle and crashed, causing people in the area to arrest and beat him," the prosecutor wrote. "The person who fired continued running with the gun in his hand and managed to escape."

Feliz García was beaten by the crowd before being handed over to the police. He was charged as an accomplice to the attempted murder – although his lawyer claims he is just an innocent motorcycle taxi driver who had no idea what his passenger was going to do. "He did not know what they would do, he's a fan of David's," attorney Deivi Solano said.

The authorities say they are still looking for four more shootout suspects – including Luis Alfredo Rivas Clase, also known as "The Surgeon".

At least one of the men, Mirabal Acosta, has a criminal past. According to Linstin Diario newspaper, he was charged with firearms in 2017 for executing four men in 2013.

Meanwhile, Ortiz recovered at a hospital in Boston Wednesday, where he was flown after filming. "Yesterday and this morning, David was able to get up and take some steps. His condition is protected and he will stay in intensive care in the coming days, but he is making good progress towards recovery, "his wife Tiffany said in a statement.

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