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How the alleged New Zealand mosque shooter became a milliner by the globetrotter

He spent two years planning.

He wrote a sprawling, racist 16,500-cube screed with memes, poems, and video game references.

Then Brenton Tarrant is said to have stormed two New Zealand mosques with an attack weapon scribbled with white cocky slogans – as he broadcast the whole horrific attack to the world.

The man accused of murder because of the terrorist attack in which 49 people were killed in Christchurch was revealed Friday as a 28-year-old former personal trainer who had left his small hometown in Australia eight years ago to tour the world ,

But instead of becoming a global citizen, he turned into a hateful monster that had entered the online troll language and committed mass murder to prevent what he called "White Genocide." [1

9659002] In a 74-page manifesto published on online forum 8chan just before broadcasting the massacre live, Tarrant described the evil ideology behind it. It's bloody raid – it's "revenge" for Islamic terrorist attacks and it's intentional "to create an atmosphere of fear and change in which drastic, powerful and revolutionary actions can take place."

He also said he hoped his attack would spark a civil war in the United States.

"This conflict over the 2nd Amendment and the attempt to eliminate the rights of firearms will eventually lead to a civil war that will ultimately offend the US in political, cultural and especially racial lines. Tarrant wrote.

"This balkanization of the US will not only result in the peoples of the United States being racially separated within the United States in order to secure the future of the white race on the North American continent, but also the death of the & # 39; melt & # 39; Pot & # 39; Pipe Dream.

Tarrant came from the small town of Grafton in northern New South Wales, where he worked as a personal trainer in a gym before spending most of his 20-year-olds passing through world.

Natives told the Australian newspaper that Tarrant came from a "beautiful family," but his father died in 2010 and left a legacy he allegedly used to finance his world tour.

a bit of capital through the death of my father, "Tarrant wrote in an online forum on stocks in 2011.

"I really do not want to lose the money because he has paid for it with over 30 years of his life.

However, other online posts at that time had a very different tone. He said he wanted to "spend time", "play videogames, cola snuff, and hire strippers" and boast about being "the strongest person [pound for pound] in my city," the Australian said.

Still, those who knew him claim The man on the shocking livestream was not the one who left Grafton eight years ago.

"I think something really happened on this person's travels … In my conversations with him, he never showed any extremist tendencies," says Tracey Gray. The gym in which he once worked told The Sydney Morning Herald.

"Somewhere experiences or a group hit him."

"Somewhere have experiences or a group have a hold on to him."

Tarrant himself claims in his manifesto that he began to "change" as a terrorist during a Europe trip in 2017 […] life as long as I could, cynicism in the face of Islamic invaders' attacks on the West, was suddenly gone, "he wrote.

" I could not take the mockery back into mine Face Slapping, I could not turn my back on the violence. "

He said he had planned his own raid for two years, three months focused specifically on the city of Christchurch.

Originally, he came to New Zealand to There he "temporarily lived" while "planning and training", but in the end he decided to stage the mass shootings to show "that no place in the world was safe".

"The invaders were in all our countries, even in the most remote parts of the world, and there was no place left that was safe and free of mass immigration," he wrote.

He first planned to attack a mosque in the New Zealand city of Dunedin, where the authorities allegedly lived, but chose Al Noor and Linwood from mosques in Christchurch because they were "built visually foreign ing [s].

Tarrant said he also plans a third attack on a mosque in the town of Ashburton, which he called a "bonus target" that he would not be sure of.

The manifesto is referred to as "The Great Replacement," which evidently indicates a right-wing conspiracy theory that replaces white Europeans with non-white immigrants.

It is peppered with poems by Keats and Kipling as well as online jokes.

] It is not clear what is serious and sarcastic.

In one section, he claims that the person who influenced him "above all else" is the conservative American commentator Candace Owens.

To deny some of her beliefs, the extreme actions she demands are too much even for my taste, "he writes.

In another, he sarcastically claims that the children's video game" Spyro the Dragon 3 "Ethno" taught him "nationalism," while "Fortnite" trained me to a kilo and flowed on the corpses of my enemies "- an obvious reference to dance moves in comic-style shooting.

Tarrant falls short of this claim in the next line and writes a simple "No"

Ben Nimmo, a staff member of Atlantic Council's Digital Forensic Research Lab, told The Guardian that Tarrant's words reflect an "online culture." everything can be a joke and extremist content can be a parody and deadly serious. "

"There are communities that routinely practice extreme rhetoric as a joke, so it's very easy to be a true extremist," he said.

Tarrants sick livestream was also linked to historical and internet references. [19659002] Listening to music as he drives to the first mosque is a song that glorifies the Bosnian Serb political leader Radovan Karadzic, who was arrested in 2008 for genocide and other war crimes against Bosnian Muslims.

At another point, Tarrant calls on viewers to subscribe to "PewDiePie," a Swedish YouTube star named Felix Kjellberg. Kjellberg said Friday he was "absolutely ill when my name was pronounced by this person." In Tarrants rifles and ammunition magazines were also references to Ebba Akerlund – an eleven-year-old girl who had been killed in the attack in Stockholm – the name of the Hungarian military leaders from the 15th century and the number 14, possibly for the "14 words "A white, cocky slogan derived from Adolf Hitler's" Mein Kampf "(19659002). Tarrant appeared in a court in Christchurch to face a murder charge on Saturday. Courtroom photos published in the media show that he is tied up and wearing prison clothes, but with a blurry face.

You can still see Tarrant forming a circle with his thumb and forefinger – and he seems to be flashing a popular white power gesture on the internet. 19659002] With wire services

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