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How the next Mets regime can avoid another chaos from Yoenis Cespedes

There are many lessons that the future president of Mets can learn from this current Mets mess.

Here's the biggest thing: Do not bow to public pressure. Make the most of your team and have a vision. When I asked GM GM John Ricco Monday if the Mets had known of Yoenis Cespedes' heel problems before giving him a four-year, $ 110 million contract, he replied, "Yeah, it's something It was in the medical records, we were aware of it when we acted against him and when we signed him in. It's something he gets up to through treatment, anti-inflammatory, stretching and orthotics and I think we'll find out if he can not make it this way until we know that we'll continue to do it the way we did. "

The Mets knew, that Cespedes had significant sales issues before signing him after the 201

6 season, a move by Sandy Alderson

They gave this money to an aging butcher who was hard to handle in the past – partly because everyone Cespedes unt wanted to write.

The media was pushing for it, the public was pushing for it – but they did not know about the problems with the heel.

The Mets were not creative enough to use these $ 110 million in any other way. They fell in love with the free agent-to-be version of Cespedes.

Yoenis Cespedes Paul Bereswill

This is a very different cespedes the Mets deal with these days, and if his heel problems are as significant as Cespedes says they are – Monday he was examined by specialists to get real answers – he has no alternative but to get the surgery that he says will keep him out for eight to ten months because he certainly does not handle it well

The Mets did not just sign Cespedes despite the red flags, he also let him run 900 pounds of squats on his team-trained workouts and everything that only made his hips, legs and heels worse. 19659002] That must be one of the Mets things of all time.

As a result, the Mets stay at half a cespedes, playing only half the time when things are going well, and less than half when they're not. Cespedes played only 81 games last year and this year he played 38 games.

In the last two seasons and a possible 259 games, Cespedes played in 119.

You do not get the bang for your $ 110 million.

This fateful decision is also a reason not to trade Jacob deGrom. This decision can not be made now, because who knows what you will get for it.

The next boss must use this as a case study for dealing with the Wilpons and with public pressure and the media.

Mickey Callaway has to live with the fading superstar. Callaway, who once again mentioned that it was his mistake handling the questions about Cespedes on Saturday, was asked how difficult it was to handle this situation.

"It's hard for the player," Callaway said. "There will be more work for our training staff, there will be more questions about who could play that day, so we need to have more conversations with boys at night to be prepared and play, but I think Ces would be it's worth it, we saw what he did last night while he was there, and he helped us win a ball game. "

Cespedes got married and settled on Friday for a 7-5 win over the Yankees but he could not walk at the eighth inning

"You have to do everything to win, so we're more than happy to do all these things and do the extra work," Callaway said. because in the end we know that Ces will be worth it. "

The Mets are by no means near their value.

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