Witnesses describe gunfire and panic at a video game tournament in Jacksonville, Florida. Officials say a gunman killed two people and killed himself. The Jacksonville Sheriff says authorities believe that the gunman was 24-year-old David Katz of Baltimore. (27th of August)

JACKSONVILLE – For the 30 So crouched on a sleepy Sunday morning on monitors and headphones behind a pizzeria, it would be the second day of competition and a test of Stahlerverven.

Players play hard, they want to win; No challenge is too steep. They are in the zone.

And the prize was striking at the Madden NFL 19 Classic Qualifier at the GLHF Game Bar: a trip to a tent event in Las Vegas in October.

At the Chicago Pizza and Sports Grille, lunch was set against the glittering St. Johns River. Most of the customers who did not hear the intensive competition in the back, if they did not walk around the room on the way to the toilet.

At about 1:30 pm, two hours after the tournament began, both worlds collided in a bombing that left three dead and eleven injured – and a dumbfounded nation struggling again with the high price of armed force.

Gunshot wounds and piercing screams echoed through the tournament's Twitch live stream in real time, leaving millions of helpless online viewers across the country horrified as the horror unfolded and fans dashed madly in The pizzeria caught a glimpse of the shooter as he shot into the crowd. "I just heard shots and I looked at the window and I see him," Johnson said. "Dude came in there, basically to kill … He was just in his killing spree."

Johnson barricaded himself and some customers in the restaurant and grabbed a few kitchen knives. "When you come to this kitchen, you have to be stabbed," Johnson said and told the shooter.

Marquis Williams told the Associated Press that he and his girlfriend, Taylor Poindexter, ordered pizza in the restaurant when they heard a disturbing sound. "At first we thought it was a balloon, but there were no balloons in the room, then we heard repeated shots and we ran." [13659008] Within minutes at 1:36 pm, the sheriffs of Jacksonville arrived and began

At 2:13 pm, officials confirmed the shooting and warned the visitors not to hide. About 45 minutes later, the sheriff's office reported systematically looking for those who were still hiding. "We find out many people are hiding in locked areas of The Landing. We ask you to stay calm, stay where you are hiding … We will come to you, please do not run out."

Ryen Aleman told NPR he was one of those looking for a safe place when the bullets flew. Aleman said he was engrossed in the game as shrill poppers rang and players fled the room, telling his video opponent to crawl with him to the bathroom, where they were standing in a toilet in the stable.

"I prayed and I said," Do not worry. Stay with me, "Aleman said." You could hear people crying. You could hear people say, "I'm shot," you hear people stumbling, trying to walk, running around, running for their lives.

After a few minutes, the gunfire seemed to end, said Aleman NPR, and he and his companion fled the restaurant. "When I came out, I saw three bodies on the ground, unconscious," he said.

The authorities later identified the suspect as David Katz, 24, of Baltimore, who killed himself. The police refused to speculate on a motive, some witnesses said media reports said Katz was angry about losing a game.

As on Monday FBI Agents and Jacksonville Sheriffs Conducted Their Investigations (19659008) For a young teacher, the tragic noise of gunfire triggered an automatic response.

Dalton Kent, 22, said he was on Sunday There were 30 players and about 30 spectators in the game when the chaos broke Kent was sacked while shooting He said there was panic – but he knew what to do.

"I'm teaching At the Treasure Coast High School and last week we had our Code Red Drill, where we talk about the same situation with a gunman at school, "said Kent, who recovered after being shot on the shin. "And then you do not really think it's going to happen to you, and then I'm in the middle of this situation,

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