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How the White House Obama has tricked Ukraine into giving Russia's collusive history an early boost

As Donald Trump Donald John TrumpThe Spin: Five Unproven Mueller Report Revelations Lara Trump: Merkel, who admits that migrants are one of the worst things ever to happen to Germany's financial happiness: Survey MORE [19659003] began his meteoric rise to presidency. The Obama White House called the Ukrainian authorities to Washington to coordinate the ongoing anti-corruption efforts within Russia's most critical neighbor.

The meeting in January 201

6, which was confirmed by several participants and simultaneous memos, brought together some of the prosecutors and investigators of the Ukraine for anti-corruption members of the National Security Council (NSC), the FBI, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice (DOJ) President Obama opposite.

The agenda included training and coordination. However, the Ukrainian participants said it did not take long – during and after the meetings – to achieve the goals of the Americans. These included two politically hot investigations: one that touched the family of Vice President Joe Biden, and one with a lobby firm working closely with then-candidate Trump.

US officials have "repeatedly talked about the importance of uniting all our anti-corruption efforts," said Andrii Telizhenko, then a political officer at the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington who was in charge of organizing the meeting ,

Telizhenko, no longer working for the Ukrainian embassy, ​​said US officials volunteered during meetings, one of which took place in the White House's Old Executive Office Building. They would have an interest in resuming a closed investigation into payments to the United States numbers from the Ukrainian-supported Party of Regions in Russia.

This investigation was led by the FBI in 2014 and focused heavily on GOP lobbyist Paul Manafort, whose firm was tied to Trump for a long time by his partner and trump buddy Roger Stone Roger Jason StoneJudge allows Roger Stone to leave business reasons to travel to Florida. The Hill's Morning Report – Is Punishment Back on the Table? At the end of Mueller, the focus shifts to existing probes MORE .

Agents questioned Manafort in 2014 about whether he had received undeclared payments from the party of ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich, an ally of Russia's Vladimir Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich PutinThe Hill's Morning Report – Trump Declares No to Hillicon Valley Investigators: Cyber, Tech Takeaways by Mueller Report | Millions of Instagram Passwords Displayed Internally by Facebook DHS Unrolls Facial Recognition Technology at Airports | Uber introduces new security measures after the student killed Fox News host: MSNBC, CNN, the "real agent of Putin" MORE and whether he had engaged in inappropriate foreign lobbying.

The FBI closed the case without charges against Manafort. 19659004] Telizhenko said he could not remember whether Manafort was mentioned during the meeting in January 2016. He and other participants recalled that DOJ investigators from the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) asked if they could help find new evidence about the Party of Regions' payments and their relations with the Americans.

"This was definitely the case led to the charges against Manafort and the leakage to the US media during the 2016 elections," he said.

This makes the meeting in January 2016 one of the earliest documented efforts to The first to expose the now exposed Trump-Russia collusive narrative is the intervention of the Obama administration.

NPC, DOJ and FBI spokespersons opposed this, as a representative of former US security adviser Obama Rice has no e-mails

Nazar Kholodnytskyy, Ukraine's top anti-corruption prosecutor, told me that he attended some, but not all, Washington meetings in January 2016, if not special ones Cases discussed.

But he said he soon saw signs in the Ukraine that the US was politically interfering in the US Kholodnytskyy said The main allegations against Manafort – an account showing payments from the Party of Regions – have been known to the Ukrainian authorities since 2014, but were suddenly released by the US-friendly NABU in May 2016 after Manafort was named Trump's election official: "Someone held this black Ledger's secret was kept secret for two years and then shown to the public and the US media. It was extremely suspicious. "

Kholodnytskyy said he had explicitly ordered NABU investigators who worked with US authorities not to share the book with the media. "See, the case of Manafort is one of the cases that hurt me very much," he said. "… I ordered the detectives not to give the mass media anything in the face of this case. Instead, they had broken my order and published this one or two pages of this black ledger to Paul Manafort . Paul John Manafort21 questions to Robert Mueller. Why did Müller allow his investigation to continue for two years? Manafort was transferred to a federal prison with minimum security. MORE .

"For me it was the first call that something went wrong and in this case a certain outside influence prevails. In that case, there are some other interests that are not in the interest of investigation and fair trial, "he added.

Kostiantyn Kulyk, deputy head of the Office of International Affairs of the Ukrainian Attorney General, said this shortly after the return of the Ukrainian authorities After the meeting in Washington, there was a clear message about the support of the Americans in the case of the Party of Regions.

"Yes, there has been a lot of talk about help being needed, and then the book was just published in public," he recalls.

Kulyk said the Ukrainian authorities have evidence that other Western personalities, such as former White House White House lawyer Greg Craig, also received money from the Yanukovych party. But the Americans were not interested. "You just talked about Manafort. This was everything and only what they wanted. No one else. "

Manafort joined Trump's campaign on March 29, 2016, and was promoted to campaign chair on May 19, 2016.

On May 29, 2016, NABU went through the existence of accounting books. Later in the summer she told the US media that Ledger had shown payments to Manafort, a revelation that forced him to resign in August 2016.

A Ukrainian court concluded in December last year that NABU's release of the ledger was an illegal attempt to influence the US election. And a member of the Ukrainian parliament has published a photograph of a NABU official, which states that the agency has published the ledger to help. Hillary Clinton Hillary Diane Rodham ClintonForget the Spin: Five Unproven Mueller Report Revelations Former Senators Helping Dems Launch Country Voices The Biden announcement was a general election message, says the political news campaign MORE [19659009].

The other case raised at the meeting in January 2016 was Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company that was investigating illegal foreign money transfers in Ukraine. At that time Burisma allegedly paid Vice President (19459003). Joe Biden Joseph (Joe) Robinette BidenElection analyst says that Biden might be able to attract small donors. Biden's announcement was a general election message, political analyst Gillibrand says, not worried about being "discounted" in 2020. The son of MORE Hunter, both as a board member and as a consultant. Banks show that more than $ 3 million in 2014 was committed to an American firm tied to Hunter Biden.

Telizhenko said US officials told Ukrainians that they would prefer Kiev to reject the Burisma probe and allow the FBI over. The Ukrainians did not agree. But then Joe Biden pressured Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to fire Ukraine's senior prosecutor in March 2016, as I've already reported. The Burisma case was handed over to NABU and then closed.

The Ukrainian Embassy in Washington confirmed on Thursday that the Obama administration had requested the meetings in January 2016, but Embassy representatives only attended a few meetings. "Unfortunately, the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington was not invited to attend meetings of the DOJ and other law enforcement agencies," it said. She said it was not known that the Party of Regions or Burisma cases arrived at their meetings.

Ukraine is full of corruption, Russian interference and intense political conflict, so it is important to carefully review the Ukrainian reports. [19659004AberTelizhenkosBehauptungDOJhabeseineManafort-UntersuchungimZugederWahlenvon2016wiedereröffnetwirddurcheigeneDokumentedesDOJgestütztdarunterauchMitteilungendesGeneralstaatsanwaltsBruceOhrseinerFrauNellieunddesehemaligenbritischenSpionsChristopherSteele

Nellie ear and Steele worked in 2016 for the research firm Fusion GPS, which was commissioned by Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to find Russia Trump. Steele wrote the famous Fusion file, with which the FBI spied an arrest warrant for the Trump campaign. Nellie Ohr admitted to Congress that she had headed Russia's dump on Trump from merger to DOJ during the election by her husband.

In the DOJ's emails, on May 30, 2016, Nellie Ohr became directly aware of her husband and two prosecutors specializing in international crime for discovering the documents of the "black ledger" that led to the persecution of Manafort.

"Reported abundance of documents on the Black Cashbox of the Ukrainian Party of Regions," Nellie Ohr wrote to her husband and the prosecutors Lisa Holtyn and Joseph Wheatley news articles announcing the publication of documents by the NABU.

Bruce Ohr and Steele did their best to insult Manafort with a Russian oligarch, Oleg Deripaska, who had a bad relationship with him. Deripaska was "almost ready to talk to US government officials about the money" stolen from Manafort, "Ohr wrote in notes of his talks with Steele.

The efforts eventually led to a meeting in September 2016 in which the FBI Deripaska asked if he could help prove that Manafort helped Trump work with Russia, and Deripaska laughed at the idea as absurd.

Previously, Politico had reported that the Ukrainian embassy in Washington had a DNC's Clinton campaign The Ukrainian Embassy acknowledges that it has received help from DNC staff to find debris on Manafort, but denies that it has not provided undue help.

Now there is more concrete evidence that Also, the larger Ukrainian government pressured by the Obama administration was helping to build the Russia-collusion tale – and this impatience l is just beginning to be peeled.

But what is already confirmed by the Ukrainians looks much more like an assertive collusion with a foreign power than anything described in the Mueller report.

John Solomon is an award-successful investigative journalist whose work has led to failures in the US and FBI over the years before the September 11 attacks, the abuse of foster children and veterans by federal scientists in drug experiments as well as numerous cases of political corruption. He serves as an investigative columnist and executive vice president of video for The Hill.

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