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How to & # 39; Game of Thrones & # 39; looks online

Welp, winter is here . The army of the dead descends on Westeros, the houses of the north have united against them. Bran sinks deeper and deeper into this whole crawlspace. Since there are only five episodes left in the last season, it's worth a brief update on how and when Game of Thrones is live, no matter which coast you're on.

Game of Thrones airs Sunday night on HBO at 21.00 in the respective time zone. Simple enough! But that also means that New Yorkers must see three hours earlier than the Californians, a profound injustice. That's a lot of time for spoilers to get past your defenses, as Arya sneaks into the twins. Or like a baby shadow monster? (Easier times, RIP Renly.) No matter which metaphor you choose, it's bad.

But like a kite-glass spit into the heart of the Night King, there is a ready solution to this existential crisis. HBO streams its shows via two apps. People who have already subscribed to HBO through their cable companies can use these applications to access HBO Go while Cable Cutter is directly connected to HBO Now (iOS, Android) , The best part? They do not care about time zones. New episodes will be published in the apps starting at 9:00 pm (ET), regardless of where you are in the US, so West Coasters can be seen in real time.

Depending on your streaming setup, you may also want to consider registering for an existing service. You can attach it to your account Hulu which gives you access to the entire network library of the network ̵

1; including all episodes of Game of Thrones – as well as a selection of clips included in "Shocking Deaths are "subdivided" "Fiercest Duels" and "Worst Accent Drifts. "(That's a joke, but please, Hulu!) Or you can add it as a channel on Amazon Prime Or why not through the Roku Channel The main advantage here is that you can stay in the app you already use instead of jumping around, however, all these options still score when you access HBO Now.

Not fully caught up yet, do not worry, we have many flashbacks This is the last episode of the last week Dare to find another one that works in TS Eliot For the most forward-minded among you, here's a trailer for episode 2. Like in the first episode, it seems hard to be in interpersonal dramas, light in epic battles with an undead menace.

And it does. Sure, 54 million people have stolen the premiere of Season 8 Game of Thrones see the show in real time – and support the people who made it; These CGI dragons are not cheap – they want to go through the official channels. Besides, it's less than a month to the finals. You can cancel at any time when it's done. Valar morghulis!

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