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How to be Safe when Buying Sports and Music Concerts Tickets Online


We all know how easy it is to buy tickets online; it is timesaving as well as effort saving especially in the fast rhythm of life that we now live. 

As we see upcoming events, either for sports or music concerts, we want to hurry up and book our tickets as soon as possible so that we could choose the most suitable venue, seat and even the day. 

In our hurry, we might make a crucial mistake and get scammed as we book online. Here are some points as to how you can make sure you are safe as you book for an event you want to attend:

  • Make sure you are using a Secure Site – That is almost quite easy, you need to make sure the site you are using has a security lock. Not only that, but there are ticket-selling websites that are known for their reliability and you will find these recommended on the event page. 
  • Verify – Once you have connected, you need to verify that by asking for a screenshot of the ticket and then verify it with the event venue itself.
  • Payment Method – Do not give any payment information unless you are sure that it is safe. PayPal and similar sites are known for their safety; otherwise, do not go through with the transaction. The leading ticket resale platforms such as FeeFreeTicket.com (visit website) are using PayPal and other valid and secure options to transfer the payment, use them to ensure that you are dealing with a trustworthy source.
  • Information – Getting information about the seller is vital, if they are not very forthcoming with their details, then you have a full red alert. But if they are helpful, provide info and verify themselves, then you are good to go. 
  • Social Media or Community Pages – It is a rising trend that tickets, as well as a lot of other stuff, are sold via social media. You need to make sure the ticket is valid, the venue, and the seller. Go through all the facts and verify them, especially the payment method before taking any step further. 
  • Credentials – These are an excellent way to make sure you are not being robbed, ask for driving license, ID, etc., just a way to test the validity of who you are dealing with.
  • Look for a Refund Policy – This is an essential requirement that any valid seller has to provide, so if it is not available, you are most probably dealing with an unreliable source.
  • Crosscheck – Nowadays, there are many ways to crosscheck all the info you are getting – QR codes, valid sites, names, and addresses, etc., check them all. 
  • Vouchers – Vouchers are also a great way to ensure that this is a person who has sold before or is a frequent visitor to a site or who has previously purchased a ticket or sold tickets on a platform. 
  • More than One Method – This might sound somewhat funny, but it is the easiest way for safety; use more than one process of validation of all the facts that you have at your disposal. Almost always, if all add up, then you have a safe seller; otherwise, your givens will differ. 

Once you have made sure of your seller, buy your ticket and go and watch the game or the music concert and relax for a day.