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How to Build Muscles for Skinny Guys


Muscle can be difficult to grow especially for skinny guys but it is totally possible with combined determination, effort, and discipline over time. You can grow your muscles if you follow a strict plan with predetermined workouts, diet and lifestyle plan. If you want to change your body frame into a bigger and more muscular one then kick into gear and learn how to build muscles so you can say goodbye to skinny soon.

Muscle Training

You build muscles by training. None can replace this step. You must lift heavy weights to achieve desirable results. While you can always skip the gym and do workouts at home, it would be difficult to maintain consistency because there is nothing pressuring you to focus on and start your training. If you want to lift for the first time, enrolling with a gym trainer is advisable for assessment of the body and recommendation of sets.

Lift frequently and hard. You can do it most days of the week as long as you allow some days to rest and recuperate. Do challenging and compound exercises beyond your comfort zone. Do not just focus on one muscle but work on the overall body. It will initially be hard but once you have established your desired growth, maintenance can get better.

Muscle Growth Diet

If you want to grow muscles, you have to change your diet and focus on eating more protein and fewer carbohydrates. Protein is great for building new muscle and recovery. This can be found in foods including eggs, chicken breast, and fish, among others. Aside from this, you should be able to increase your testosterone level because this is responsible for increasing muscle mass. According to experts at TestoGen, testosterone levels decrease as people age and result in difficulty in yielding the best performance. You cannot settle in lifting the same weight for long periods of time, you need to build on power to increase for a shorter period of time. Performance is essential if you want to become stronger.

Sleep and Rest

Your muscles do not grow while you are lifting, they grow stronger and bigger when you rest because this is their response to all the heavy lifting you did that strained them. You have to recover your body because being tired and spent all week will do you more harm than good. If you overwork muscles, they can burn the muscles instead of fats. It can also compromise your hormone levels so your body needs plenty of time to rest. Maintain complete hours of sleep every night which is seven to nine hours so you get optimal muscle growth.

Anyone can dream of being bulky and strong even if you have a skinnier body at the moment. Everyone needs to start somewhere and what is important is that you do it now. Your goal can be achieved by setting training, meal, and lifestyle plans. Improving your physique is a work of both mind and body.