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How to Change Your Twitter Password

As we learned today, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is not immune to endangering his own account on his social network. Shortly after 4 pm Eastern Time his official Twitter account published CNN racist and insulting posts. These tweets were deleted quickly. Twitter's official communications office confirmed that Dorsey's account was actually hacked and that "what's happening is being investigated." Engadget adds that the source of the hacked messages was the SMS Cloudhopper service. Twitter bought this company back in 2010.

Obviously, this situation shows that your account could be hacked even if you are the CEO of Twitter. To avoid such problems, not only should you have a strong password for your account, but you should also change your password regularly. How To Change Your Twitter Password:

How To Change Your Twitter Password:

  Twitter Password:

If you want to know and change your Twitter password, you can do so Do the following in your Android app:

  • In the app, tap your profile and then tap the Security and Privacy section.
  • Then tap the Account selection in the menu.
  • Then tap the Password option.
  • Finally enter your current password, then enter your new password and confirm it.

How to reset your Twitter password

If you do not remember your Twitter password or your Twitter account was actually overloaded, you can reset it it:

  1. Go to the Twitter login page and enter either your email address, your Twitter username or the mobile phone number associated with the account.
  2. If you enter your e-mail address or username, then enter the e-mail address where the reset message should be set up.
  3. Next, check your e-mail inbox for the Twitter password reset email and click the appropriate link.
  4. You will then be redirected to a website Here you can select your new Twitter password.
  5. If you select the option for the phone number, enter your number.
  6. A message states that Twitter should send a code to your number. Click on Continue.
  7. Twitter then sends you a six-digit code to your phone.
  8. You will be redirected to the password reset page. Enter this six-digit code and Twitter should ask you to enter your new password.

Of course, you may want to completely delete your Twitter account only if you think it's too difficult.

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