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How to delete all the audio recordings that Amazon Echo Alexa has been making of you

Every time you call out 'Alexa' – your Echo thinks you have – you've recorded and those audio snippets are kept. Here's how to delete them and why Amazon says it should not.

It's not complete. It's very specifically about your web and app use. One of the most likely to be unsettling, though, turns out to be another one you can do something about. You may not hear the audio recordings your Amazon Echo device has made.

You may not have realized that it's recording you. Alexa, "it's just recording anything you say when you do."

Amazon says that's it to help with accuracy. Speak "When you use your device," the company says in a warning dialog, "we keep the voice recordings associated with your account.

The warning dialog and its very long-winded way of imploring you to leave the recordings alone, comes up when you go to delete them. Alexa has made it to you.

Do it a listen

It's especially creepy hearing your own voice played back when accidentally triggered Alexa. Sometimes you can not fathom what it was that echo misheard as that name. Sometimes it's a little boy's back in time, a very brief audio diary.

Delete everything

To delete the lot,

Good or bad, fun or not, it's hard to see how it's done. Go to Amazon.com and sign in. Then choose and click on Content and devices .

 To delete all the recordings, you have to go through Amazon and schlep through

The page you get next will list content as it is. ” height=”391″ class=”lazy” data-original=”https://photos5.appleinsider.com/gallery/31045-51488-001-Getting-to-the-recordings-l.jpg” />

To delete all the recordings, you have to go to Amazon at the top marked Devices . Echo or other Alexa device.

Then click on the Echo or other device on the page that appears, click on Delete voice recordings

You'll get that breathless explanation of what Amazon says it's doing with the recordings, plus a note that basically says the deletion is not instant , Alexa's recordings, but it's. "

 It takes a few steps to delete Alexa's recordings, but it's

Alexa's recordings, but it's quicker than doing one by one

Delete Button under the warning and you're done .

One at a time

If that seems like a long way to get rid of the recordings, it is. Alexa iOS app.

Within that app, choose Settings then scroll down to History .

 If you do not want to miss one at a time, go via the Amazon Alexa app

Alexa app

This is a chronological order, with the latest at the top. Each entry includes the time it has been recorded, but it also includes a transcription of what you said.

Tap on an entry to see more. Play There's a Big Delete Voice Recording button.

19659003] Still, you could use the app to see what's been recorded and then do the mass deletion on it.


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