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How To Effectively Promote Your Online Course In 2020


It must bring a great sense of satisfaction once you finish creating your online course as a lot of effort and dedication is involved in it. However, once done, you can’t just sit and relax, because nobody knows about it. So, you must buckle up to make proper arrangements for promoting your online course and generating sales.


In this post, we have discussed a few ways to market your online course and increase your sales and enrollments. But, on top of all, you must ensure that one of the crucial aspects of the best online learning platforms ̵

1; content quality should be maintained throughout the length of your online course.


Promotional Video On YouTube

With a staggering number of about 30 million people visiting YouTube every day, it is the second-largest search engine in the world. Information gathering, entertainment, and learning are the few activities that every person uses while exploring it. From such a huge figure, it is possible that you can reach potential students who would prefer your online course.


Consider creating a YouTube channel for your course once you know how to create a promotional video. Not only will this channel help you promote the online courses, but it’ll also keep you engaged with your students in the long run.


Know Your Audience Before Creating A Course

It is a crucial step as it helps in ensuring that you create an online course that your audience actually prefers to pursue. You can send a survey to the people through blogs, podcasts, social media, etc. and ask them what topics they are interested to learn.


Use Your Signature To Include A Link To Your Course

If you send and respond to numerous emails on a regular basis, it might be possible that some people in your email list are interested in your course, provided they know about it. You can add a few lines to your email signature that includes a link to your online course. Although it’s not necessary that everyone who sees your email signature is interested in your course, the probability is there that they convey this information to someone they know and tell them about your course.


Use Quora To Answer Questions

You can use Quora as an effective promotional tool for generating online traffic and spreading awareness about your online course. Being a Q&A platform, you can use Quora to create an account, post a question or answer to issues that are related to your course topic. You can share your opinion and include a backlink to your course sales page by searching for industry-relevant discussions.


Start A Podcast

Starting a podcast about your course topic can be one of the effective ways of building an audience of people who are interested in your course topic. People who will listen to your podcast are potential learners of your online course. You can share helpful tricks about your topic on each podcast episode, and include a CTA at the end of each episode. This will enable potential students/learners to visit your website and understand more about the course. You can submit your podcast to various platforms like Google Play, iTunes, etc. to reach a multitude of individuals for free.


In Conclusion

Ensuring your online course to sell requires you to create a proper promotional strategy, a few of which are listed here and an appropriate sales funnel. It is not an easy task to create an online course or eLearning program, and promoting them is equally challenging. You must ensure that the course content is compelling, engaging, and strong. It must possess enough power that can motivate your prospects to go further and check out your online course.