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How to Fax a Document From Your Smartphone (iPhone, iPad & Android)


Smartphone fax services are revolutionising the way you fax documents from your smartphone. iOS and Android fax service apps are free to download and install. The service lets you send and receive faxes on the go.

In an increasingly paperless world, using online fax services eliminates the need to have a physical fax machine. Even when travelling, it is now easier to send and track faxes from your iOS and Android devices.

In this article, we have found a great online fax service that lets you fax using your smartphone. Using this online fax service, we show you how to fax a document using your phone.

CocoFax – A solid iOS and Android fax service

The design of this online fax service conforms to modern standards. CocoFax delivers a reliable online fax service to millions of users across the world.

According to GoogleFaxFree, you can fax from iPhone free for 30 days via CocoFax. The service lets you fax a document on your iPhone, iPad and Android using its app or website. Also, you can fax using your email.

Using Cocofax, you can fax directly from Google docs and Google drive. You don’t have to download the documents only copy them in your fax.

What sets CocoFax apart from the competition?

CocoFax accomplishes more than just faxing. It has some amazing features and capabilities up its sleeves. Below are some of the feature you should look out for:

Lifetime storage

With CocoFax, you can easily fax from iPhone for free. The faxes are in their respective folders which makes retrieving them easier and faster online.

Provided you use CocoFax to send and receive faxes, your sent and received faxes are automatically archived.

Fast, safe and secure service

The ability to fax a document on your iPhone, iPad and Android eliminates the need to grapple with fax machines. Your document will be encrypted to ensure your file is safe in transmission.

What’s more, you get to fax a document instantly on your smartphone.

Reliable and reputable brand

CocoFax gives you 30 days of free service after you register. Also, you get a custom fax number free of charge. The fax number lets you send a fax across the world.

Besides, CocoFax gives you a delivery report for each sent fax. This way, you will always know if your fax was delivered or not. In case of a failed delivery, CocoFax gives you a detailed summary of the issue.

Multiplatform support

CocoFax is an online fax service that lets you fax documents from different platforms. For instance, you can send a fax from your CocoFax dashboard, use its Android and iOS app or use your email.

  1. How to fax a document from your smartphone using CocoFax

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CocoFax overcomes the limitations of sending a fax from your computer to an analogue platform through its translation capabilities. This online fax service translates fax from a digital to an analogue platform and vice versa.

Best of all, you don’t have to download the app in the App Store or Play Store. You can use the installed web browser to fax a document from your smartphone. Below are the steps involved:

Step 1: Open your smartphone’s web browser and go to CocoFax’s website. Click on the ‘Get My Free Fax Number’ option. Provide the requested information and choose your custom fax number.

Step 2: CocoFax will take you to your dashboard when done. You’ve set up your account and you ready to fax your document. In your dashboard, click the ‘Send Fax’ button.

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Step 3: Now compose the Fax you want to send. Provide the recipient fax number in the ‘To’ field. In the body filed you can create a cover page for the fax. Next, attach the document that you want to fax.

CocoFax lets you attach pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, png, and jpg files.

Step 4: When you are done, click the ‘Send’ button. CocoFax to dial the recipient fax.

You will get a delivery notification regardless of whether the document was sent successfully or not.



With CocoFax, now you can fax a document from your iPhone, iPad and Android smartphone. CocoFax makes this possible through its multiplatform support. You only need to follow the above guide.