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How to Get Fashionable and Styled With A Low Budget


Being in style and looking great gives one a sense of confidence that is necessary for a person to seize the day. Sometimes, a woman just needs a dab of her favorite lip tint, or a man just needs a shave, but other times, confidence stems from a total makeover. It is in these instances wherein some may need to keep up with the latest fashion trends to have a new style, but their worry is that doing so comes with a hefty price. On the contrary, looking fashionable need not to empty your pockets, just take a look at some tips below on how to get fashionable and styled even with a low budget.

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Review your wardrobe

The first thing that you would want to do when you want to be fashionable and stylish but you have a minimum budget is to take a closer look at your closet first. Review your collection and ponder on the style that you really want to emulate. This is because what you find in your closet will affect what you will look for when you shop. If you already have a number of classic and quality shirts, then there is no need for you to shop for more even if some of the shirts you love are on sale. In the same manner, if you find that you no longer have a classic pair of form fitting jeans, then this should be your next clothing item target.

In the same manner, evaluate the colors in your closet too. Think whether you have several clothes in neutral colors, without any pieces in bright and bold hues. Also consider if you have too much of everyday wear, but you don’t have anything to wear on more formal occasions. Apart from clothes, it is a good thing to review your shoes too, whether all are sandals and pumps and you no longer have sneakers. You may also want to check on clothing pieces that you no longer wear simply because they entail the need for an intricate ironing. All these will have a great impact on the items that you will end up looking for when you shop.


A review of what you have in your closet is also a great way to make room for the fashion pieces that you need based on your envisioned style. Think about the type of fashion that you really want to emulate. For instance, if you have a hundred bucks to spend for clothes, would you rather use it to buy ten or even twenty blouses from a thrift shop or an outlet store, or would you use it to buy a single piece of a branded sweater? More often than not, people would buy ten or twenty tops from the thrift shop thinking that it is a great deal instead of buying a single piece of expensive clothing even if they really love it. However, most of the tops end up being unused and left in their closet for a significant period of time. In this case, the smarter move would have been to buy the expensive piece, which is a great and valuable addition to your wardrobe, instead of several pieces which are unused. Nevertheless, there is really no right or wrong answer when it comes to fashion because either way works as long as it is what you really prefer, making you get the most out of the money you spent on it.


Go for classic pieces

Finding classic pieces in your wardrobe is essential in staying fashionable and stylish. Go through each of the clothing pieces you have and evaluate whether you have enough staples that will serve a variety of different outfits such as a classic white shirt or a little black dress. Apart from this, ensure that you also have another plain shirt with simple necklines, a pair of form-fitting jeans, simple ballet flats, and a decent jacket or blazer in a dark hue, along with a pair of black pants.


After which, categorize your clothes and look for those which are neutral and free of complicated patterns because these are the pieces that will be easy to pair with other clothes. Nevertheless, what is a staple in your closet may also greatly depend on your location and your lifestyle, but the important thing is that you have clothing pieces that can be interchangeably mixed in to fill out your daily outfits. After a quick review of what you have in your wardrobe, you can then shop for the classic pieces that you lack.


Make a list of clothes that you intend to wear most of the time because these pieces need to be durable and of high-quality to last a thousand washes. The best way to be fashionable and stylish even on a low budget is to buy fewer clothing items, which is why it is a best practice to just scale down and focus on what you love to wear. From time to time, pair them with the latest fashion trend such as a classic black dress paired with a trendy infinity scarf or statement earrings.



Sometimes, being fashionable and stylish is not so much on the clothes you wear, but on the accessories that you use to accentuate your outfit. As stated above, the classic pieces should make up most of your wardrobe because these are the apparel that you tend to wear on a daily basis. You just need to heighten up your outfit through the accessories that will definitely make a great impact on your style. Thereby, it is a good practice to build upon your accessories such as belts and jewelry that will make an impact on your outfit.


The best tip in buying accessories is buy in bulk, because there is a great chance for you to get the best deals and discounts when you buy in bulk. For instance, there are several online marketplaces where you will be able to find wholesale sunglasses at bargain prices. Sunglasses are great accessories because not only are these fashion items, they are also functional, particularly in protecting your eyes from the glare of the sun. In the same manner, you can also purchase scarves in different colors and sizes because apart from being an effective accessory to bring an element of drama into your look, scarves are also functional like sunglasses. Comparatively large scarves can serve as something to keep you warm in case the weather suddenly turns around from being warm and sunny to cold and windy.


Swap with your friends

There are instances wherein the fashion pieces you need can be found in the closet of your friends or family. Thus, it is a good idea to swap clothing pieces with your friends from time to time. It may come as a surprise to you that some of the items that you no longer need or you no longer see as stylish are the same pieces that one of your friends regard as a must-have. It can be that your friend may have picked up a clothing piece that is in season, but eventually she found that the clothing piece didn’t really look great for her specific body type. In the same manner, it can also be that you have pieces in your closet that are no longer being used because they don’t fit anymore. Taking turns in raiding closets can also be a great bonding activity between friends. Just keep in mind to categorize your clothes and separate those that are not open for swapping to prevent any misunderstanding. Nevertheless, swapping with your family and friends is a great way of bringing in new pieces into your wardrobe, without even spending a single penny.


Hold a sale

For sure there are clothing pieces in your closet that you no longer use and some may even be quite new. Instead of letting these pieces stay in your closet longer, sell them and make more money to buy new fashion pieces that will be a great addition to your collection. There are now several ways on how you can hold a sale and the traditional way is to hold a garage sale in your yard. If this proves to be too tedious for you, you can also host a sale online. There are now several platforms where you can auction some of your stuff like eBay or post your clothes for sale such as your local Facebook groups.


The space that you will generate from the clothes and items that you sold will be perfect for the new item pieces that you intend to purchase to revamp your wardrobe. While you may not be able to sell all those that you intend to forego, there are still other ways for you to clean up your closet such as donating some of your clothes to charity.


Shop at clearance sales, outlet stores, and thrift shops

It is in clearance sales where you will be able to find branded pieces at a significantly cheaper price. Clearance sales usually happen during the end of the season, wherein a shop needs to make space for new items for the next season and the best way to do so is to put their old inventory up for grabs through sales and discounted prices. You may find during these sales, however, that the clothing pieces and fashion items with discounted prices will also be out of season soon. Nevertheless, this is the perfect time for you to scout some of the classic pieces such as plain apparel or those in neutral colors because even if these are already being replaced by new items for the next season, these items can prove to be staples in your closet.

Apart from clearance sales, there is always an option for you to shop at resale or outlet stores because there are several great finds in these shops too. More often than not, great pieces end up in resale or outlet stores just because of logistics challenges. In the same manner, a great source of unique find is in thrift shops. While being able to get a hold of unique and amazing fashion items may prove to be challenging, you will surely find several eclectic pieces which are a great addition to your wardrobe at a very low price in these thrift shops.


Go ahead and shop

Yes for sure, to be able to be fashionable and stylish, indeed you need to go ahead and shop. But it goes without saying that you need to shop responsibly. There are several ways on how you can shop responsibly and one is by making a list of the pieces that lacks in your closet and sticking to your list even if you are sidetracked to look at other fashionable items. Another way is to set a budget before you head out and shop and also strictly stick to it to avoid overspending. You can even bring a friend with you and have her hold your money just so you will be able to stick to the budget that you set. However, try to bring a cooperative friend who will make sure you stick to your budget and not the other way around.

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Keeping up with the latest trends in fashion, or simply being fashionable and stylish doesn’t mean that you need to break your bank because you definitely can do so even with a low budget. The key is to go for classic pieces that never go out of style and to pair these pieces with other items that will make an impact and a statement in your style. Thus, the only thing that you will have to update from time to time, are your fashion elements that are out of season. But keep in mind that this is only one of the ways to be fashionable and stylish without having to shell out a significant sum of money. There are still various ways to do so, but the best piece of advice is to always have a positive outlook that will radiate your confidence, no matter your style.