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How to get rid of fruit flies and other common pests

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  • If you wake up one morning and a cloud of tiny flying insects swarm around your fruit bowl, chances are good that you have an infestation with fruit flies housefly, which is heavily attracted to mature or decaying fruits.
  • Fortunately, it is generally not difficult to get rid of fruit flies, and potentially toxic chemicals do not need to be used.
  • How to treat these pests and two similar flying insects: fungal and drain flies.

At one point or another, pretty much everyone will have to cope with fruit flies. It was my turn to ripen a peach that ripened in the fruit bowl a little too long, just to go into the kitchen and discover a cloud of small flying pests hovering over the bowl and crawling over the fruit, which I had planned to enjoy with my lunch

Since then, I have been careful to throw fruits that have passed their best times, although in my fruit-intensive household most of the products are consumed before this happens.

In the morning, you can literally leave a kitchen without pests and come home in the afternoon to find a cloud of fruit flies that celebrate in your fruit bowl. These tiny insects are attracted to the scent of decaying fruit and so small that they slide directly through the windowpane or through small cracks on windows or doors. You can unconsciously bring fruit flies home with your produce from the farmers market or supermarket.

As soon as they get access to your kitchen, the flies feed on overripe fruit. Of course, eating is not just about these pests. You also do evil in your fruit bowl. Thereafter, the female pierces the fruit skin and lays up to 500 eggs underneath.

In just 24 hours, the eggs hatch and the fruit feeds the larvae. A few days later, the larvae pupate for a few days before appearing in their adult form. Within two days, adults are ready to fall in love with their kitchen, and the cycle repeats itself. With an average lifespan of 40 to 50 days, that's a whole lot of fruit flies.

Now that you know where fruit flies come from, we determine how they can be removed and how other kitchen pests, which are often confused with fruit flies, can be eliminated.

Read on to learn how to quickly and easily eliminate fruit flies and other pests.

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