The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + feature a new camera with Super Slow Mo video, low light output, and AR Emoji for more personal expression.
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Samsung's new Galaxy S9 and S9 + are official, and now we have the pricing.

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While they are not $ 1,000 like the iPhone X, the price of either the S9 or S9 + – with a radical improved camera, faster Snapdragon 845 processor and stereo speakers – is not cheap

All the leading US mobile operators offer to pre-order the phone on March 2, before they sell it in March 1 6. The prices for each provider, however differently.

Here you will find a price breakdown and some suggestions for saving.

AT & T

AT & T offers the Galaxy S9 for $ 26.34 per month when purchased on its 30-month installment plan. The S9 + will run $ 30.50 a month over the same 30 month period.

At this time, AT & T has not published the monthly installment prices when purchased on the shorter 18 month or 24 month schedule or the full retail price. Although rough mathematics, the Galaxy S9 continues at $ 790.20 and the Galaxy S9 + at $ 915.

AT & T has also not revealed whether it offers special trade-in deals for users who are upgrading from an older one Want to perform device.


Verizon will sell the Galaxy S9 for $ 33.33 per month when purchased on its 24-month payment plan. The Galaxy S9 + costs $ 38.74 per month for 24 months. The selling price for those who want to pay the full price in advance is $ 799.99 for the S9 and $ 929.99 for the S9 +.

This is slightly more expensive than what AT & T calculates, but Verizon offers up to $ 350 discount if you trade your current device (the exact value depends on the device and its condition).

If you switch to Verizon from another provider, you can save another 150 €.


When launched, the Galaxy S9 will cost $ 30 per month for 24 months with T-Mobile's installment plan. The larger Galaxy S9 + will have the same $ 30 per month for 24 months, but you'll have to pay $ 120 in advance.

This equates to $ 720 for the Galaxy S9 or $ 840 for the S9 +, both of which offer significant discounts compared to AT & T and Verizon. Those who want to save even more can do so by exchanging their current phone for up to $ 360 (the exact value will depend on what device it is in and what condition it is in).


Sprint's pricing for Galaxy S9 and S9 + will be very similar to those of Verizon and AT & T. The Galaxy S9 costs $ 791 or $ 33 per month for 24 months in the Sprint installment plan. The Galaxy S9 + will cost $ 912 or $ 38 per month for 24 months.

Like Verizon, Sprint customers can save up to $ 350 by exchanging their current mobile phone.

Beyond the Carrier

Mobile operators will not be the only ones to offer for the new S9 phones. Best Buy offers up to $ 350 off the price of the Galaxy S9 when you buy it from them and trade in your current phone. The retail giant also raises an additional $ 100 discount for those who pre-order the unit on March 2nd on an AT & T, Verizon or Sprint plan.

This gives a nice $ 450 discount for those who want to upgrade to Samsung's latest no sooner than possible.

Samsung also offers its own trade-in deals of up to $ 350 on the purchase of a new S9 with a trade-in of an older device. The S9 costs $ 30 a month for 24 months if purchased on a Samsung payment plan, or $ 719.99 if you want to pay the full price in advance. The larger Galaxy S9 + is available for either $ 35 a month for 24 months, or $ 839.99.

If you buy Samsung, both devices will ship unlocked, so you can use them on any carrier and internationally. Couple that with the cheaper price and trade-in and the Samsung store the best place to buy the new galaxies.

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