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How to get the most out of the past few days


Tips, tricks and instructions, oh my!

Sure, Days Gone has some issues (as described in our Days Gone test), but that does not mean it can not be a fun ride. It's a slow build, but if you know what to do first, and what to focus on, you can get on with Days Gone quickly.

Here are the tips and strategies you should know Before dunking into the Freaker Fest, this is Days Gone.

Deacon St. John starts out as a relatively average Joe with no great skills. To feel that you can actually compete with the numerous Freakers and Hordes in the Oregon wilderness, you must upgrade and acquire skills. We recommend these two first:

  • Field repairs that help you to repair melee weapons in an instant.
  • Focus shot, which allows you to slow down the time when aiming with a weapon.

For more details and suggestions, definitely read Best Skills to First First.

Yes, the logic in Days Gones Weapons Collection System is not quite there. Basically, you can never claim ownership of a weapon you find in the open world. To keep a gun so you never lose it, you have to buy it. Check out this page for more information and advice.

What Motorcycle Upgrade Requires

Deacon's motorcycle is probably the most important thing in the game. They need it to get around, to travel fast and even request some cutscenes. It also takes gas to accomplish all these things. Therefore, you should increase the speed, gas tank, and durability of your motorcycle ̵

1; and you should prioritize your spending on these things. With this word, you should probably give the stock you find at the beginning of the game to the Copeland camp because you can buy most of your bike upgrades in the world of Days Gone, and each of them can be for a variety of reasons invest. As mentioned earlier, Copeland's Camp is a great place to improve your bike early in the game. However, you must gain confidence to achieve the better upgrades. Given the time it takes to build trust in certain camps and earn loans, investing in a useless warehouse can be incredibly daunting. Take a look at these pages to know the best camps you can invest in and when to stop.

Traveling fast in Days Gone is not quite as easy as simply opening up points to travel to. You must also eliminate infestations between point A and point B. Take a look at the entire page where you can unlock high-speed points and more.

When you reach your first NERO site, you will be able to choose between Deacon's Life, Stamina or Focus. Get a few points in focus, but put most of the game emphasis on stamina. This resource is used to run and roll, which can mean life or death when in a difficult situation. There are many little tips and strategies that, when viewed as a whole, can make a big difference in playing through. Do not miss these 21 tips.

Play on the PlayStation 4 Pro

Our reviewer and other players in the office reported that Days Gone suffers from some loading and texture issues. Although Daysign's 1.04 patch has dramatically reduced load times, playing games on a PlayStation 4 Pro dramatically improves overall issues such as popping models and slow texture loading. So if you're able, we recommend playing on the PS4 Pro to limit technical frustrations.

Do not Touch That Wire

Last thing – trigger cables are no joke. Do you think you drive slowly enough with your bike that it does not affect you? Think again. If you touch this rope, you will be thrown into the air like a cat who has just noticed a secret cucumber. Then you have to spend time fending off the bad guys and who repaired your bike.

Other helpful days have disappeared:

These tutorials were written by Casey DeFreitas and Janet Garcia, who have many dozens of days working on Days Gone. The best part? This game help is completely free! If you are trapped somewhere or it is difficult to make a decision in Days Gone, we would like to hear about it. Leave a comment for us, or contact us directly by clicking "Was this helpful?" at the end of one of these linked in this article wiki pages.


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