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How to Label Screenshots with Markup on the iPhone or iPad

If you want to help someone using an app on an iPhone or iPad, sometimes it's better to show where or how an action is performed than verbally explain it. AppleInsider explains how you can use the built-in markup tools in iOS to show someone else what to do with annotated screenshots.

  Instant Markup iOS Screenshot

The ability to quickly annotate screenshots can be useful for a variety of reasons. They range from notes on a picture to instructions for family members using a new iPad. New Elements of an App Drawing things on the screen can also be used for frivolous purposes, such as ticking on a shot of someone's face.

Markup is also very handy, as it means that the annotations can be made on the iOS device itself without going to an image editing app or sending the image to a Mac to add the notes. The almost instant availability of markup also makes the tool one of the fastest ways to add annotations in a relatively simple and easy way.

In this guide, we note the more practical use of markup tools and the creation of a screenshot that shows where another person is in an iOS app. This example shows where a specific range is found in the AppleInsider app.

Creating Screenshots

The first part of the process is to take the screenshot to illustrate what you want to show. Navigate your iOS device and apps to find the image you want to use and take the screenshot.

For an iPhone X, hold the Side Button on the right side of the smartphone and then briefly press the Volume Up button before release both buttons ,

For previous iPhone variants and all iPad, iPad Pro and iPod touch models, hold the top or side button press the Home then release all buttons .

  Instant Markup iOS Screenshot

If successful, the screen will blink white and a small thumbnail of the screenshot will be displayed in the lower left corner. This image disappears by itself, but it can also be wiped away.

Instant Markup

The quickest way to annotate images is to make changes as soon as the screenshot is taken. Before it disappears, tap the preview image to bring up the markup menu. The screenshot is in the middle of the screen and can be edited.

At the bottom of the screen are the Pen, Highlighter, Pencil, Eraser, and Magic Rope selection tools, and a selection of colors that let you change the color of objects you add to the image.

On the far right there is a small plus, with which you can add typed text, stored signatures, various shapes and a magnifying glass, with which you can enlarge a certain part of the picture stylistically. Bottom left are the Undo and Redo buttons, which allow users to return to previous incarnations of the image to undo errors.

  Instant Markup iOS Screenshot

After making your changes, you can use the Share icon to perform various actions, such as: For example, sending to another device with AirDrop and using it with other apps. Tapping Done displays options for . Delete Screenshot or Save to Photos .

  Instant Markup iOS Screenshot

Not-So-Instant Markup

If the thumbnail has disappeared from the screen before you can make any changes, you can still make changes to the image, but it will take a few more more steps.

By default, the screenshot is saved when it is no longer displayed. To do this, open the app Photos and scroll to the most recent images added to the app, usually at the bottom of the list under Photos, and tap the image .

  Instant Markup iOS Screenshot Photos

Tap Edit at the top right to make the wallpaper darker and the Edit menu to appear. Tap three dots in the circle on the right side of the screen and select markup in the pop-up menu.

This markup menu works just like instant markup, but with a darker background. After completing the changes, tap Done in the top right to finish markup, and then Done in the Edit menu to save the finished image.

At this point, you can select the edited image, tap the Share icon at the top right, and select the messaging app or other item you want to use with the image.

Other Thoughts

Instant markup can process multiple screenshots at the same time if they are taken in quick succession. Tap the preview image before it disappears to show markup after taking all the shots, and then swipe from the page to navigate between the images.

Owners of the new iPad or iPad Pro users can also use the Apple Pencil while using markup by using their pressure sensitivity for thicker lines and the tilt detection for shading with the pen tool.

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