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How to Make the Most Terrible Side Mission of Red Dead 2

As you explore the vast open world of Red Dead Redemption 2, you will encounter many interesting (and somewhat disturbing) things. Sometimes it's a howling snake bite victim who needs help. In other cases, it is a scary, abandoned building with a story to tell. But there are a number of random encounters that are more cruel than the rest, and once you find the first, you'll be looking for a jumbled serial killer.

You will probably find the first murder scene early the game. While the other two murder victims are slightly removed from the opening areas, you can find them anytime as long as you are free to roam the map. For this guide we've kept the location spoiler to a minimum and all screenshots come from an early rescue with little clearance ̵

1; so do not worry if you want to play detective for short before you really dig into the rest of the game. Of course, this contains spoilers for the American Dreams Stranger Mission .

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For more instructions, see our features that highlight all the tips you should know before playing and how to play. We also have special instructions for making money and adjusting the weapon to make you the best outlaw in the world. Read our Red Dead 2 test if you have not already done so, and if you want something more fun, read our cheat codes section of the game.

Step 1: Completing the Map

There are three murder scenes, each with one map hidden. To initiate the stranger mission yourself, you must first reassemble the card. In general, you are looking for an area that stands out in some ways – you may see blood stains on the street or vultures in the distance. You can also zoom in on the map as you get closer, as an X is displayed that marks the corpse and shows you the way.

Murder 1: South of Valentine

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The first Murder scene is just outside of Valentine. Follow the railroad tracks south out of town. You'll need to jump right on the rails in one spot to clear a gap, and then find the corpse under the next overpass. The "front" of the scene faces west. You will find creepy words in color on the right side, and on the left the severed head of the victim is attached to a support beam. In his mouth is the first of three card pieces.

Murder 2: West of Shady Belle

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The second crime scene is in the Scarlett Meadows region, a decent drive southeast of Valentine. It is west of Shady Belle or just south of Rhodes, depending on your approach angle. It is easiest to recognize when coming from Shady Belle. Take the road west, go straight on at the first fork and continue straight ahead until you reach a second big fork. Turn right here and continue straight until you reach another fork. The body is lined up in a big tree on your left; On your card it will be exactly where the "S" in "Meadows" is. Walk around the back of the tree to find the severed head and the piece of the map.

Murder 3: Southwest of Wallace Station

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The last murder victim is on a large rocks southwest of the Wallace Station in the West Elizabeth region (west and just south of Valentine, across the river). Cross the stream and you will see the rock on the hill, probably with vultures sitting on top of it. The head and the last map section are on a smaller rock on the left side.

Step 2: Locate the Murderer

After completing the map, you'll receive vague directions about where to go and what to do when you get there. It shows a bridge with arrows that lead into a forest, a rundown log cabin and a code for a combination lock: 6-34-32. As a true criminal detective knows, killers usually kill in areas they know and maybe live in, which is a good place to start. (If you prefer to solve the puzzle yourself, do not read on!)

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As it turns out, it ends where it all started: Valentine or technically southwest of Valentine at a place called Lucky's Cabin. If coming directly from Wallace Station's killer scene, cross the river and follow the main road to the northeast – this is the direction indicated on the map, and you turn left immediately after the bridge to reach the cabin. If you are coming from Valentine instead, just follow the road out of town heading west.

With the assembled map you can open the cellar doors and see the horrors inside. A white? The symbol for a foreign mission should be displayed on the map around the cabin. Otherwise, you must complete an active mission that you must complete first. After taking a look around the killer's hideout (use your lantern if you really want to see every grisly detail), go back and inspect the knife. This will trigger a cutscene so you just have to follow the instructions.

Once you've got the killer in Valentine and taken the killer to the sheriff's office, he attacks the sheriff. Use Dead Eye to kill him and rescue the sheriff for a reward that will complete the American Dreams Stranger mission. Hopefully Arthur is not too creeping in.

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