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How to make the (vegetable) sausage – TechCrunch

It was a big year for Impossible . The Bay Area-based food startup kicked off the year with a new version of its burger title and announced just last week the completion of a $ 300 million round immediately after its Burger King distribution.

What's next for the company? For someone who is lost in the world of plant-based meat substitutes, this probably will not be such a big shock. Engadget spent some time behind the scenes of the startup in Redwood City when he discovered that the sausage was on Impossible's menu.

After the sound of things, the breakfast meal usually consists of the same ingredients as the company's burger patties, all the way to the imitation blood. Instead, the amounts of ingredients are mixed in different proportions, completely removing the potato protein. In fact, the company has many different recipes in the work that are largely reconfigurations of its "platform" product. Think of it as a modular menu. Damned turning the same few ingredients has proven pretty popular over the years for chains like Taco Bell. So why not for healthy food?

The timing and all other good things are still TBD.

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