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How to Make Your New Year Resolutions and Not Fail


If your new year resolution vision board is a reflection of the past years’ goals, it means you didn’t follow through on your plans, or things didn’t just unfold the way you expected. This duplication of objectives does not mean you are a failure, but rather your lack of the skills and the know-how on how to effectively execute your plans and achieve them.

Creating a vision board is a holistic approach. It requires you to touch on aspects of your mind, body, relationships, and career. The most important of all these is the mind. Optimising on your mind’s potential and wellbeing helps you stay focused and commit to your resolutions. It also helps you to maintain and create healthy relationships and be aware of your body.

But how do you invest in your mind? Apart from meditation, exploring the world, and learning new crafts or skills, reading is an effective way of stimulating the mind̵

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As mentioned earlier, achieving a spiritual equilibrium is not the only way of actualising your vision board. Here are other simple tips on how to make your new year goals, stick to them, and achieve the desired results.

Start With Manageable Resolutions

Setting smaller resolutions does not mean you should not be ambitious. If you get in the habit of coming up with goals that have a short time frame and working hard at achieving them, it becomes easier to achieve bigger goals. Having a huge expectation and not drafting steps towards actualising it is bound to fail. It is also easier to monitor your progress if you set smaller resolutions.

Be Goal Specific

Generalising your goals shows that you don’t know what you want. This often sets you to fail because of a lack of direction. It is essential to come up with parameters on which to execute your plans, a time frame, and setting aside resources. For example, if you want to work on your body, specify the type of workouts you will be doing, when, and where

Journal Your Goals

For the accountability and progress evaluation of your goals, it is essential to write them down. You can either create a random list or have a clear outline. Both are helpful as reminders, and you can always strike them off once you have achieved them. Ticking against the things you have realised in your list not only helps to ascertain your commitment but helps you identify areas you are in the habit of procrastinating.

Share Your Resolutions

Sharing your goals with trusted friends or family makes you accountable to achieving them. They help keep you on track, remind you of what you ought to accomplish at a particular time and applaud you when you succeed. However, avoid relying on people to get things done. It not only puts a burden on them but lowers your motivation.

Being successful in the new year does not only rely on the above tips. It requires your commitment to follow-through and rewarding yourself for small wins. Challenges are inevitable in this process, but don’t let them put you down.