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How to Raise More Online Donations


Technological innovations brought about several possibilities in terms of industrial progress, as well as in terms of charitable purposes. In terms of the latter, numerous online platforms now provide non-profit organizations to generate the funds they need through online donations. As such, here are some tips on how you can raise more online donations to support your cause. 

Make the online donation process straightforward

As much as possible, ensure that your donation page is intuitive and easy to navigate, to make the online donation process as straightforward as possible. According to the experts behind Aplos, an outdated donation process may hold you back from raising sufficient funds for your cause. Thus, it is actually a great idea to use software with donation features that will make giving convenient for donors. Once they land on your page, ensure that they only need to accomplish as few steps as possible to be able to donate. For instance, allow them to donate even without requiring them to sign up or log in to your page.

Offer mobile solutions

Another way to raise more online donations is by offering mobile solutions to your donors. Since more and more people are now always on their mobile devices, they will find it easier to donate to your church or charity if you have mobile channels that they can refer to. Ensure that your donation campaign materials can be accessed on mobile devices through easy-to-click links in a streamlined layout and design. In parallel to this, the emails you sent out to your donors must also be readable via mobile devices.

Establish your cause

It is a good thing to make your objectives clear and concise in your page, but it will also greatly help if you can come up with a branded donation page that will establish a certain level of trust among your donors. In line with this, you will be able to build a base of supporters by managing how you market your cause. Thereby, it will greatly help if you share your story through the marketing features of a donation software. This can be done through customized donation letters and email templates, as well as acknowledgment letters and donor statements.

Make your online donation strategy urgent and recurring

There is a great chance for you to raise more funds for your cause if you make it urgent and recurring. Thus, integrate urgency in their online donation experience by letting donors know the things that may happen if they fail to act now. In the same manner, your online donation page should encourage monthly or recurring gifts by suggesting certain donation amounts to occur on a periodic basis.

To wrap things up, digital channels have revolutionized even how charitable institutions source out funds to support their causes. If in the past, it was quite challenging to spread the word and raise awareness for a particular mission, nowadays, this has become more convenient and seamless. Particularly, it is notable how easier it is to raise more online donations because of digital platforms that allow users to access it through their mobile devices.