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How to Send a Fax from Your Smartphone


The ever-evolving field of technology has made it possible for businesses to do away with the clunky, annoying fax machine. Despite the use of e-mail, faxing is still an essential way of sending important business correspondence. Faxing has been used by businesses for decades to send large documents quickly. Furthermore, unlike emails, faxing is not at high risk of being affected by viruses, spam, electronic interception, and other programming mishaps.

Thanks to the advent of the best free fax apps, you can finally avoid the hassle of cartridges, ink, and phone lines and communicate conveniently via fax through your Smartphone. To be able to send a fax via your phone, you can visit Google Fax Free for more advice then install a third-party app. The most reliable and secure apps will charge you a small fee after you complete the number of free pages they offer.

Here are reasons why you should consider using a mobile faxing app from Google Fax Free instead of the traditional fax machine

Saves money

A fax machine is quite an expense itself, not to mention the cost of inks, paper, cartridges, and an additional telephone line. Again, it is possible to lose a critical document sent via a fax machine, which will cost you about $1

20 to find, and that is if you are lucky. Some 7.5% of office documents get lost for good.

With a faxing app, you eliminate the costs above and the chance of losing a document, not to mention the ability to fax for free if you do not have a massive faxing volume. If your business relies heavily on using fax, you get to fax at less than $20/month, which is a great bargain.

You can fax on the go

More often than not, your business responsibilities will require you to work from outside the office. With a faxing machine, you have to be at the office to receive and send important documents, while with a great faxing app, you can receive and send a fax from anywhere. Again, since fax is stored in the cloud, you can also access your correspondence anywhere at any time.

It is secure

If your office has one fax machine, it is possible that your employees can access unauthorized documents if they find them just sitting there. With a faxing app, you do not have to worry about wrongful access of documents, as only you can access your Smartphone.


Fax machines consume lots of paper and electricity. Over 4 billion trees are cut to satisfy the annual demand for paper, and by switching to a faxing app, you get to save a few trees and reduce your carbon footprint. Again, switching to paperless communication will improve your corporate image as you will come across as more environment-conscious.

Two best faxing options for Android


Camscanner is one of the best Android apps for faxing. You install it from the Play Store, and you need not to create an account. With Camscanner, you can use your camera to OCR scan your document and change it to a PDF. You can also import any image(s) that you already have by hitting the three dots on the upper right. You send a fax by selecting the share option, choosing the format to send the file in, then select ‘Fax’ to enter the recipient’s info. Simply enter the country code and number of the recipient and send. Camscanner charges $0.99 per page and $8.99 for ten fax pages.

Hello Fax

Simply visit the Hello Fax website with your phone and sign up for a free account. The best thing about hello fax is that it lets you send up to five faxes for free. Otherwise, they charge $0.99/page for the first ten pages, then some 20 cents for every page after that. If you have a high fax volume, you can select their Home Office Plan for $9.99/month so you can send and receive 300 faxes.

To send a fax, tap the upload files to take a picture of the document you need to send or select a file that is already on your phone. After you select, enter the recipient’s fax number, then tap send.


Mobile faxing apps are not only cheap but also convenient for your business. With the right faxing app, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of faxing without the stress of a fax machine.