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How to Update Your Morning Alarm on Your Phone

Many of you are likely to be on your phone every day with the help of an alarm. But take full advantage of your phone's alarm or at least let it in for the standard default ringtone and leave it at that. These are the tricks, apps, and gadgets that can help you improve your wake-up experience.

The Watch app for Android

The Watch app, which ships with Android, has recently added support for Google Assistant routines so you can contact them if they alert you on the tab tap [Assistent für Routine] . in the plate underneath. You can get a report about the weather, the news or your schedule. You can also disable your phone in unattended mode or use smart lights, plugs, or thermostats that you have connected to Google Assistant.

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You can also play the messages. Play a podcast or audiobook by selecting an option from and then (Tap the tooth icons to the right to further configure these features.)

If you want to listen to music, tap the alarm sound the main screen Alarm . The options to wake up on YouTube Music (if you're a premium subscriber) or Spotify (whether you're a premium subscriber or not) have recently been added to the Watch app. You should therefore see them next to the usual ringtones. If you want to wake up to a particular song or audio clip without Spotify or YouTube Music, you will need to create your own custom alarm sound.

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To better control your alarms on Android On the Alarm screen, tap the menu button (three dots, top left) and select Settings . In the list of options below, you can set how long the alarm rings and how the volume is set, how long the default repeat is, and how your phone's volume keys work. (They can be used to cancel or disable alarms or change the alarm volume.)

Tap . To do just that, gradually increase the volume : If you do not want to wake up the rest of your household with a wake up call, but you want to make sure you get out of bed, set the initial alarm volume to a low level , and adjust the volume to between 5 and 60 seconds.

The Watch App for iOS [19659003AddingAlertstothe Alarm App Clock App for iOS is straightforward, but there are a few tricks and features you may have missed. First, you can turn off Snooze if you really need to get out of bed right away.

You also have the option to name each of your alarms using the field. This is just to help you distinguish between alarms. Weekend wake-up calls and reminders for medications, but the option is available when you need them.

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Tap the Sound button You get a variety of options, including the ringtones that come with iOS, ringtones that you can buy on iTunes, and music tracks that you have iTunes on your iTunes Have a phone sync or are available from Apple Music (tap . Select a track from to make your choice). Follow these instructions if you want to create custom ringtones.

If you want a more subtle wake-up call in the morning, you can turn on both vibration and audible alarms. If this is the preferred wake-up method, you can choose from the list of options that iOS offers you, or even create a custom vibration by tapping the screen (select Create New Vibration ) to do).

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To control the alarm volume on iOS, tap Sounds & Haptics in the iOS settings app. Move the Ringtone and Warnings slider to change the default alarm volume, and turn on the Change with Buttons switch if you want to adjust it with the volume buttons

Get familiar with the now familiar with the Bedtime feature available in iOS. (This is a separate tab in the iOS Watch app.) It guides you through the process of setting a morning alarm, but also reminds you when it's time for bed, depending on how much sleep you want and how well You are stuck with your goals over a long time.

Third-Party Alarm Apps

You have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to third-party alarm apps time. If you're having trouble getting out of bed, you can force these apps to end a math challenge or another task to suppress the ringing.

Some of these apps try to wake you at the same time, which fits in with the natural circadian rhythms of your body. Theoretically, this makes getting out of bed easier. Sleep Cycle for Android and iOS is one of the best in the industry and it's free to get started. This allows you to customize your alarm clock, analyze your sleep patterns over time (based on the sounds you make during your sleep), and wake you up during a light sleep phase.

Sleep cycle (left)) and Sleep As Android (right).
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Sleep As Android for Android is another great app that combines sleep tracking with smart alerts, but as the name suggests, it's not & # 39; t available for iOS. It sits on top of your mattress to assess how well you sleep, and can wake you up at a time that's right for your light sleep. It is also equipped with a selection of nature sounds as an alarm. The app can be used for free, but additional features can be unlocked with a one-time payment of $ 4.

For iPhone users, the Freemium Pillow for iOS is similar to the Sleep As Android principle. Place your phone either near your pillow (see link?) Or connect it to an Apple Watch. The app measures the quality of your sleep and selects the optimal time to wake up (within a specific window of time that you have already configured)). There is also a selection of ambient sounds and natural sounds to wake you up gradually.

Pillow (left) and Alarmy (right).
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The Freemium Alarmy for Android and iOS have been helping to get out of bed for years, and remain one of our favorites. It presents a multitude of challenges for muting your alarm, from photographing a bathroom to solving a math problem. The idea is that by the time you could turn off the alarm, you are well and really awake. Weather and news updates are also available through Alarmy.

Also worth mentioning is AlarmMon for Android and iOS. The Freemium app is characterized by the fact that waking up is fun (or at least tempting): There is a selection of mini-games to help you wake up more efficiently from your sleep, a selection of weird but cute sounds that will wake you all up Tag with different audio data and even ways to document your wake up patterns.

Alarm clock for heavy sleepers (left) and AlarmMon (right).
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Carrot Alarm for iOS costs you $ 3, but for your money you get a talking alarm clock that is slightly different from the norm. Not only does the app have a lot of settings, it also offers a number of options for turning off the alarm, including shakes, swipes and pinches. The alerts themselves can be a mix of custom dialogues and music, and the app actually gets mad at you if you press the snooze button too many times.

Last but not least Heavy Sleep Alarm Clock for Android is a freemium alarm clock app that stands out for its name. In an attempt to get you out of bed, the app can combine multiple alarms and challenge you with mathematical puzzles. There are also some other tricks, such as disabling alarms on holidays, or setting alerts based on your location (so you will not wake up too early on vacation.)

Adding another device

Other Um To improve your morning wake-up experience, you can use something else besides your phone to get you out of bed. A dock like the iHome Bluetooth Alarm Clock for $ 70 charges your iPhone wirelessly overnight, gives you the time, and adds extra volume to those wake-up sounds.

There are not many brilliant alarm clock docking options for smartphones these days, but another one we like is the $ 60 Dpnao Charging Docks Station: it works with all current iPhone models. It also charges your phone while you sleep, and also makes sure that the alarms are loud enough to get you out of bed.

iHome bluetooth alarm clock.
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And the benefit of a docking station that is not right next to the bed is that you actually have to get up to turn off the alarm. Whether you want to invest in a separate dock device or not, if you do not want to wake up in the morning, put your phone on the other side of the room (or even in another room).

With so many styles and sizes, there are not as many docking stations for Android devices as they are for iPhones. We discovered the $ 28 Philips AJT3300 device, which brings several useful features. Some of these include holding the clock, playing music (or alarm sounds) via Bluetooth, and charging your phone.

Casper Glow.
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In fact, you do not necessarily buy a dock to give the alarm sound extra boost. You can simply connect your phone to a Bluetooth speaker before going to bed and adjust the volume accordingly. (But perhaps give this a few test runs during the day to make sure that the entire neighborhood is not woken up.)

Do not forget that you can now receive a variety of smart lights to work with your phone (you could control them with Google Assistant when an alarm sounds, as mentioned earlier). For example, the $ 99 Casper Glow can be lightly dimmed before going to bed and lightly lightened in the morning to make you feel more natural.

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