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How to Use Google Maps or Waze with Siri Instead of Apple Maps «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

When driving, you can keep your hands clear by asking Siri. You can also perform general map searches, view the details of a location, call the phone number of a query, and view traffic information. However, Siri uses Apple Maps for all of these settings by default. If you prefer Google Maps, Waze, or any third-party navigation app, the map-based Siri commands will not work. This does not mean you can not use Siri anymore.

As long as you're using iOS 12, you can use Siri Shortcuts, which means you can assign a phrase to another action in another action app that Siri will respond to. This feature changes the game more than you think. Consider CarPlay, where Google Maps and Waze are now compatible, but you can not use Siri for control. On the other hand, shortcuts bridge this gap, so you can safely use these navigation apps while driving.

Let's say you want to ask Siri for instructions, but you want these instructions in Google Maps. You can also create this shortcut yourself in the shortcut app, but it's much easier to use a different one. We like Get Directions from Reddit user whiteb68 because you can search for an exact address or name of the site without having to tap the screen.

Step 1
: Install the "Get Directions" link [19659005] Make sure that the Shortcuts App is installed. Then tap the link below to get directions. It should open the info page for the workflow in shortcuts. If not, you may need to tap a few more prompts to get there. On the info page, in shortcuts, tap Get Shortcut to add it to your Library.

If you'd rather use Waze through Google Maps, "Navigate in Waze" is a good option. It's very similar, so follow the same steps in this article to add a Siri phrase:

Step 2: Give the shortcuts access to your microphone.

Next, open the editor of the link. 3D Touch Touch the "Get directions" link or tap the ellipsis (•••) on the "Library" tab. If you still do not have keyboard shortcuts to dictate text, tap "Allow access" in the Dictation Text action box.

Step 3: Creating a Siri abbreviation phrase

Tap the settings icon above right in the workflow. Here you can change the name and the icon of the link. To link to Siri, tap Add to Siri. Now you can either tap the record button or type phrase, depending on whether you have " Type to Siri" enabled or not. So say the phrase you want to use with Siri, or tap Done to save it.

Step 4: Get Google Maps directions with Siri

Now you just have your new one Try Linking, trigger Siri as you normally would, and then speak the phrase you've chosen: I've kept my Siri phrase with the name "Get directions." You'll need to unlock your iPhone if you have

Siri confirms that your shortcut is running, and then launches the Shortcuts app, immediately after which a window labeled "dictate text" will ask you to speak to the target, You can specify an exact street, name a shop, name a public place, choose a city … whatever.

If you hear a pause after speaking, the work becomes Continued ] The URL scheme and query to open Google Maps and start navigation immediately – or you must select at least one route if there are multiple referral options.

If you've chosen a business that has multiple locations near you Apart from something similar to other places, you may need to tap something to pick the right location.

How does this abbreviation work?

Even if it seems like pure magic, these shortcuts are actually quite simple. If you look at the link's workflow, the first element Dictate Text is just a feature that instructs iOS to listen to your voice, in this case in English. Once the command has detected that the language has been paused, the command is also paused and redirected to the URL field, where the specified URL is passed to the next action in the workflow.

Here's where the link creator added a URL scheme for Google Maps. A URL scheme is a link tied to a specific app. When open, iOS is prompted to launch the app in question and sometimes even take action on it.

Each URL scheme in this shortcut has a command attached to the end (naivgate = yes & daddr = Dictated Text), which directs iOS to Google Maps not only to open, but also to navigate. "Dictated Text" is the placeholder for the location you specify at the beginning of the workflow.

  comgooglemaps: //? Navigate = yes & daddr = & # 39; Dictated Text & # 39; 

To finalize the link, the last action is Open URLs which simply opens the now full URL, which was obtained from the previous two actions, in the Safari browser. Then, the requested actions will be opened and run in Google Maps.

Customizing Workflows in Shortcuts

When you learn how some of your favorite shortcuts work, you can easily adapt them to other apps if you use the URL -Schema know for this app. Below are some more shortcuts that you may find useful in terms of navigation and maps. While these are far from the only possible navigation shortcuts, they will certainly get you started.

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