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How to use Netflix's "Smart Download" feature for iOS

Image: Pixabay

Last summer, Netflix introduced a new feature called "Smart Downloads" for Android, which also made it available for iOS this week.

This feature can be turned on and off. Netflix automatically downloads new episodes for you and deletes old ones. The idea is that you always have to see new things without having to download a whole season at a time and killing the available device memory.

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For example, if you try using Marie Kondo and After completing Episode 1, the first three episodes of the show will be downloaded. The app automatically deletes it and downloads Episode 4 the next time you connect to Wi-Fi.

To find them on your device, go to the Downloads tab within the Netflix app. You will see "Smart Downloads" at the top of the screen. Tap to turn the feature on or off. And if you do not see it, make sure you've downloaded the latest version of the Netflix app to your device.

This is not really a solution for long air travel and other situations where you can download a lot of stuff all at once, but if you make a habit of watching a show during the morning commute, this may help You always have something new without having to download a whole season.

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