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How to Watch Redskins vs Eagles Online for Free: Monday Night

Today's "Monday Night Football" game is a matchup between NFC East rivals who could influence which teams will make the playoffs this year: Washington Redskins Vs. Philadelphia Eagles.

Right now, the Redskins and the Eagles in the mix are possibly making the playoffs or even winning the NFC East Division. The Dallas Cowboys are leading the division with a 7-5 record, but the Eagles and Redskins are not far behind. The Redskins record is 6-5, while Super Bowl champion Eagles is currently 5-6.

Today's Redskins Eagles game is played in Philadelphia at Lincoln Financial Field, and the "Monday Night Football" bet indicates that the Eagles are 6.5-point favorites they can win at home.

So you can play the game "Monday Night Football" by Redskins Vs. Eagles ̵

1; online or on TV – looking tonight.

Which channel is the Redskins Vs. Eagles game tonight?

The television shows "Monday Night Football," including the Redskins Vs. Eagles tonight, are handled by ESPN. The start is scheduled at 20:15. ET.

ESPN is available to most subscribers to cable and satellite television. If you have a cable TV or other pay-TV package, you only need to find ESPN.

What if you do not have a cable and want to watch "Monday Night Football" for free? There are some ways to play live streams of the game Redskins vs. Free. Eagles and other NFL games to get. The following explains your options.

Live streaming of the Redskins Vs. Eagles Games

With the Yahoo Sports App and the NFL App, you can stream many NFL games for free on your phone. If you download the latest version of any of the apps, you can watch "Monday Night Football" for free on your phone and other nationally aired NFL games – "Sunday Night Football" on NBC and "Thursday Night Football" on Fox – and all NFL games. Sunday afternoon games aired on your local CBS and Fox stations.

These apps can be downloaded for free, and the live streams of the game are also free. On the other hand, these apps only allow live streaming on a phone. In other words, you can not use it for the live stream of "Monday Night Football" and other games on a larger screen like a tablet, laptop, or Smart TV.

Watch Monday Night Football for free tonight Watch a free trial of a streaming TV service with ESPN on a larger screen, which is explained in the following section.

To Watch "Monday Night Football" For Free Online

If You Want The Redskins vs. "Eagles" Monday Night Football "Game For Free On Any Screen Tonight, Consider A Free Trial Of A Streaming TV Subscribe to ESPN services in the packages.

If you're unfamiliar with streaming TV services, they work pretty much the same way on cable: subscribers pay a monthly fee for a bundle of channels, only for streaming TV on a connected screen and not on a box connected to your TV.

The channels included in streaming TV services depend on the providers: Hulu Live, DirecTV Now, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue and YouTube TV all include ESPN in their base packages.

Prices for these services start at $ 25- $ 45 per month – Sling TV is the cheapest – and all offer free trial ver new subscribers, which take about a week. If you think you're a new subscriber, register today with one of these live streaming TV services and watch "Monday Night Football" online for free on any device. You'll have the rest of the week to try the service and decide if you want to become a paid subscriber.

If you do not want to pay, you must cancel the cancellation before the free trial ends

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