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Huawei is said to have developed its own operating system, but still on Android (for now)

For anyone who has been tracking tech news for a few months, you've probably heard about the ongoing tensions between Chinese OEM Huawei and the US government. Security specialists have accused the company of having close ties with the Chinese government, posing a security risk for US consumers. Huawei has reportedly developed its own operating system for some time, so there will be a relapse if Google ceases to use the Android platform.

It will not be the first time that other players are trying to fight against the Android and iOS Molochs, at least when it comes to their own platforms. Microsoft has its Windows Mobile operating system, Samsung's Tizen system and Nokia's Symbian platform. People who are "familiar with it" say that Huawei also develops and even perfects its own operating system not only for smartphones, but also for tablets and PCs.

Sources say they actually started it in 201

2, when another Chinese company, ZTE, started getting into trouble with the US government. There is currently a ban on ZTE using US products and services, and there is a serious risk that they will lose their license to use the Android platform. But Honor (a Huawei brand) President Zhao Ming said that while the company is able to have its own operating system, it does not think it's necessary at this point.

The company itself said it has "no plans to release its own operating system any time soon", but with an escalating trade dispute between the US and China, it would probably not hurt that Huawei has a backup plan.

VIA: South China Morning Post

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