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Huawei may have a backup operating system in case it needs to drop Android

The company has not yet released this OS because it does not meet Android's quality and app standards, sources said.

Huawei has neither confirmed the existence of the software nor denies any plans to launch its own operating system "in the foreseeable future" – if there is one, there is no hurry to use it – there was a supposed meeting – Leak in 2012, which referenced a new platform.

It would not be surprising if Huawei had its own software available.First, the concept is not uncommon: Samsung makes Tizen phones partially failsafe, while Apple on Intel For years, OS X / macOS developed that it had to shut down from PowerPC (which it did of course), and just like these companies, HiSilicon already has its own custom processors, and while some devices use third-party hardware, it's easier to to drop American products than some of its competitors.

That does not mean that it would be easy to divert Android It loses access to Google services outside of China. Even a powerhouse phone like the P20 Pro loses its appeal when you either use third-party customers or stop using your Google Account. Even in China, where Google services are blocked, providers that still enjoy Android can benefit from the plethora of apps. This secondary operating system would help Huawei avoid a nightmare situation in which it suddenly lost Android and could not sell phones until it found new software.

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