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Huawei Patents A foldable smartphone with flexible display

Huawei may have initiated the upcoming foldable feature push with a new patent filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization. The images that LetsGoDigital merged into a larger one show a product that is not unlike some of Samsung's patented products. The drawings show a smartphone in a booklet that combines a hinge mechanism with a flexible display that can be placed on it. Strangely enough, the shelf notes a "soft support structure" and thus it appears that the hinge is not – as so often – metallic, but a kind of cushioning material, or even metal, that is covered or coated. It should be noted that such applications do not in any way imply a current product under development or even a future product. Companies can and will register patents to protect ideas and concepts that are developed, even if they do not intend to do anything with the designs.

Ironically, the foldable device patent portfolio will nevertheless become a crowded cache of creations lack of product availability. Last year, China ZTE revived the dual-screen design with its Axon M, released exclusively in America on AT & T, however, said phone has been strong for its shortcomings and for the fact that two separate screens can not scold a solid single ; only a flexible ad could. Samsung has talked about and even patented designs for such a device for years, though it is difficult at this point to determine exactly what the final offer will look like if it is reported to be released next year.

Lenovo, on the other hand, he has created working prototypes of a foldable tablet, which has been brought to several fairs in recent years. The product, which has not yet been put up for sale, is the opposite of it, since the displays unfold, not inward. Huawei's design makes it possible to protect the product when the display is not in use, which would probably protect against the complexity of a single camera that suffers from ZTE's Axon M, as it also works outwards. While it's not clear if and when Huawei will eventually decide to make his foldable device, it's pretty clear the company is experimenting with the design, and considering how much money it has, it's very likely that Huawei can produce a commercial product Lenovo or maybe Samsung and LG.

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