Huawei did not have a good year in 2019 yet. Just a few years ago, the company was preparing for a big push in North America. Then the political climate for Chinese companies was downright cold. Now Huawei faces a ban on technology trade that threatens to shut out US suppliers. According to the information, one of the victims of the dedusting was a Huawei intelligent speaker powered by a wizard.

According to unnamed Huawei sources, Google and the Chinese company had been working on the loudspeaker project for a year. It was expected that Huawei will launch a major launch to sell the device online in many markets, including the US. The project was discontinued when the US government put Huawei on the entity list. This prevents US companies from exporting technology to Huawei without explicit permission, leaving many of its partners behind.

There were signs in the summer that Huawei might get redress beyond the initial delay of 90 days, but it did not matter. Even if Huawei is removed from the Entity list before it has the full effect, it is unlikely that this alleged intelligent speaker will ever see the light of day.