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Huawei says it will not give up the US market in the near future

In an email to CNET Huawei's consumer group CEO Richard Yu said that the company is not withdrawing from the US market despite the fact that every major mobile operator refuses to use its phones for sale and retailers like Best Buy have recently dropped the mark.

"We are committed to the US market and deserve the trust of US consumers by focusing on delivering world-class products and innovations," said Yu CNET in an email. "We would never compromise this trust."

This trust – with consumers, businesses and government agencies ̵

1; for Huawei is likely to be a tough fight as it has been hit several times while trying to penetrate the US market. Earlier this year, heads of six US intelligence agencies, including the FBI and the NSA, warned against using Huawei's products and services. The company, founded by a former Chinese People's Liberation Army engineer, was previously sued by Cisco for stealing source code and referred to by US politicians as "effectively an arm of the Chinese government." He said that Huawei employs more than 1,000 people in 13 US offices and says, "We We look forward to an open and transparent discussion if it is based on facts. "

In January, Huawei planned to launch its new flagship Mate 10 Pro in the US via AT & T, but the airline withdrew at the last minute from the deal, allegedly due to political pressure. Verizon soon followed.

As for retail, Amazon continues to sell Huawei phones and devices (like laptops and smartwatches), but Huawei has recently lost Best Buy as a retail partner. While Best Buy has not yet commented on why it stopped selling the devices, Huawei was caught calling on people to write fake reviews for the Mate 10 Pro on the Best Buy website in exchange for a chance to test the phone.

"Even without being in the US market, we will be number one in the world," Yu said earlier this week after introducing the latest smartphones P20 and P20 Pro. Although Huawei may not need the US, it still wants to compete in the marketplace. "We are aware that we are not a well-known brand in the US and we need to build our brand here," Yu said CNET . "Our first step is to win the trust of consumers."

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